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A Woman You Should Meet: Natalie Loren

By: Sharp Staff|December 5, 2014



I wanted to ask a few questions right off the bat just to get to know you as a person and not just a model.

Let’s do it.

What’s your favourite vacation spot?

Well, my dad is from Mauritius and I rarely get to go there so when I do it’s so beautiful and I get to see family. So I’d have to go with Mauritius.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasures definitely include chocolate and…what else? You know what? It’s just chocolate.

Between your modeling and your acting, what does the perfect career look like to you?

I would love to be able to do everything. Who wouldn’t? A lot of people will ask ‘are you a model or an actress’? But I think you can do it all. To be able to create whether it’s with art, acting or modeling would be a perfect career.

I like that you said ‘do it all’ because one of the biggest conversations when it comes to women is are we able to have it all. How do you balance between everything?

Yes, exactly! I think today women have opportunities to do anything they want, they can balance their careers and life seamlessly. We have the platforms we need to do that with.

How do you keep in shape between acting and modeling jobs?

I work out a lot, honestly. I try to stay fit and healthy by working out but also by eating food that’s good for me. But the exercise is a huge part of it. I’m a gym bunny, I try to go as much as I can. Living in LA I try to get out and hike or play tennis whenever I can.

Okay. It’s your cheat day. And I mean CHEAT day. What are you eating?

It would be a giant plate of pasta then chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. That’s a bad day. Well, a good day but a bad one [laughs].

Tell me about your newest project, the film Violence.

It’s a thriller. It’s set in London in a house where a group of friends go for a party. Lots of stuff happens. There’s a murder in the house so it’s a bit of crazy activity. It was great fun to film. Everyone was fantastic to work with. I loved the experience of it. We just finished filming it, look out for it in the New Year.

What’s your character like?

I don’t want to give too much away but she’s a very fun-loving kind of girl who goes to a party with some friends and gets into some trouble.

You were in a Thirty Seconds to Mars music video not too long ago. Besides the obviously length of time that you work, what were the major differences between the video and working on a film?

Well yeah, a big part of it is the time difference. I did two music videos with Jared [Leto] and he kind of worked them as if they were short films. One was shot in New York and there was a really great creative process to it. There’s still so much work that goes into a music video that people don’t realize. It really is just a short film.

You’re also a model and have appeared in a lot of fashion and beauty campaigns. Do you find that your heart is more in modeling or acting?

I love modeling because it’s always so much fun. I’ve been lucky to work with such creative teams. But acting is where my passion is right now. I love working in film.

What would a dream project be for you to work on in the future?

There are so many great photographers that I love. Getting to work with a great photographer like Steven Klein or Ellen von Unwerth and creating things with them would be amazing. With my acting career, pilot season is starting up in January and I’ll be going in to audition for a few things. Getting to work on a good show would be a dream too.

From all the campaigns you’ve worked on, which one was your favourite?

I shot an Elizabeth Arden campaignwith Willy Camden in New York and it was definitely my favourite so far.

You’re a beautiful woman in a crazy industry. What do men have to do to impress you?

The best thing a man can do is to just say what he’s going to do and mean it. If he says he’s going to do something, he has to make it happen. I love a man who has a great mind and is creative.

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