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The Best of CES 2015


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The Best of CES 2015

By: Nisha Khan|January 9, 2015



Audi Virtual Cockpit and MMI

Audi’s most recent Multi-Media Interface (MMI), which will debut in the 2016 Q7, has 3D graphics, Google Voice and tablets you can use outside the car.

The Cocojet

A 3D printer that can work in chocolate. Finally!

Devialet Phantom

This new omnidirectional wireless speaker is said to be one of the best sound systems in the world. The audio is guaranteed to give an experience that will touch you (literally you can feel the physical impact).

Fang Trinity

A cutting edge computer that looks like a spaceship is never not a good idea.

Gogoro Smartscooter

This sleek, smart scooter can swap batteries in just six seconds.

Guess Connect: Wearable Technology

Guess rolled out a more fashion-forward smart that’s water resistant, has voice command options and comes in five ultra-sophisticated styles.

Volvo’s Smartcycle Safety Helmet

Leave it to Volvo to go (ever so safely) where nobody has gone before. Their potentially revolutionary helmet is designed to connect cars and cyclists to reduce the likelihood of collision.


Motorola Scout 5000

This GPS tracker with Wi-Fi abilities and a 720p camera is made to attach to a dog’s collar…is it wrong that we kind of want to wear it.

Netatmo Welcome

Stranger Danger! This small device uses face recognition software to detect the faces of the people you know (and therefore want) in your home.


This smart pacifier can work as thermometer when in use, connecting the results via Bluetooth. It’s about time babies got into the tech game.

The Polaris Slingshot

The name says it all. This. Thing. Looks. Super. Duper. Fun.


A device a chronic pain sufferers might want to get his hands on. Quell can supposedly relieve and reduce pain for those with fibromyalgia to rhematoid arthritis in around 15 minutes. Does it work? We don’t know, but it is FDA approved.


A gadget geared towards helping you kick your smoking habit to the curve. Quitbit tracks your smoking through the use of the lighter, and can be connected to your phone for helpful feedback.

Razer OSVR

Razer OSVR is an open-source platform meant to allow for virtual reality on multiple hardware types. Or, for the layperson, some cool goggle thingies that take you to a magical other world.

Sony Smart Watch

Sony’s take on the smart watch is pretty cool looking. The futuristic gadget can be synched with your Android and work as a miniature notification center on your wrist. Or not; even those without a smart phone can work with this watch.

We geeked out hard (and liked it!) to put together this, the best of CES 2015.


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