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Inside Jonathan Bernier's New Pad



Between the three of you, who had more ideas or suggestions? Was it a completely mutual vision?

‘Amanda definitely had everything under control, she chose each piece for us.The first day that we met we felt that she already knew us and understood our needs.She has great style and we were really confident in her picking each piece and to let the concept be a surprise.’ – Jonathan Bernier

What are the best/worst parts when it comes to redecorating?

‘The whole design experience for us was amazing! It was summer time and so we were living in Montreal. Amanda had the worst part..planning all the orders and deliveries to make sure the house was ready in time for when we got back to Toronto.’ – Jonathan Bernier

Do YOU think a man cave still a necessity? Or is every room a blend of the two of you?

‘A condo is harder to have a man cave with the lack of rooms but the way Amanda designed the family room and dining room I can have my own space with while entertaining friends given she found a way to fit a pool table in to the dining room!’ – Jonathan Bernier

What are some issues when it comes to furnishing a home for a man and a woman?

‘The challenge for any project is bringing the client on board to visualize the concept I am proposing. Woman need every little detail shown to them, men simply want to know the cost and if I can guarantee it will look sleek and cool!’ – Amanda Forrest

How do you balance his vs hers styling options?

‘It’s always a priority to ensure the design caters to both partners so that they feel comfortable and relaxed in space once its complete. The design balance comes from colour and texture such as using the a vintage coral colour in an accent pillow against a strong grey headboard and leather accents. Somewhat the same as matching a gentleman’s tie to a woman’s dress in fashion.’ – Amanda Forrest


What is your favourite room? Favourite item?

‘I think every room has its own cool personality but I always dreamed of having a custom pool table. The chic dining room that houses the pool table and giant chandeliers, is really the most special room in the condo to me.’ – Jonathan Bernier



Is a ‘man cave’ still a thing or can a man’s favourite things be incorporated in shared rooms in a home?

‘I think there will always be this secret wish for guys to have their own private man cave but overall I find that today’s men are proud to be involved with their family and want a home to reflect their personal and professional accomplishments.’ – Amanda Forrest

When decided to furnish your home, what aesthetic did you have in mind?

‘We wanted the look of the furniture to fit with the modern look of the condo, but at the same time we wanted a comfortable place to raise our son.’ – Jonathan Bernier


What do couples need to keep in mind when decorating? Any dos and donts?

‘Decorating is a process. Although I can put together a concept that is beautiful and functional, the soul of the space comes from adding in elements that couples have collected over time and are sentimental to them. Do: Invest in quality neutral furnishings. Don’t: Send your partner to choose everything and then complain about the look.’ – Amanda Forrest


Were there any personal items that you refused to part with?

‘No, we bought everything new. Actually our home is exactly how we want it, it fits our family’s needs and is perfect for entertaining as well. Every room has something unique and that’s what makes our house so cool.’ – Jonathan Bernier

What are a few pieces that can work for a home that is both stylish but able to withstand a group of men during game night?

‘Leather club chairs, sexy and durable. Quartz coffee table. Sleek and wipeable for spilled drinks. Patterned area rug. Hides wear and tear and looks stylish. And a bar fridge with glass door. Functional and adds an industrial edge.; – Amanda Forrest

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