• Book for Men

    EDITOR’S LETTER: Masters of the Universe

    Failure is just as real for the average person as it was to Steve Jobs, who was famously kicked out of his own company, before he returned and, you know, changed the world.

  • Culture

    Patrick deWitt’s New Novel Is Funny Sad

    Patrick deWitt’s latest novel, Undermajordomo Minor, is a spell-binding bedtime story for grown-up men.

  • Culture

    EDITOR’S LETTER: A Novel Idea

    The fact is, you can read a book as passively as you watch an episode of Mad Men, but the beauty of television now is that the inverse is also true.

  • Culture

    The Asylum: They Are What They Are

    The Asylum doesn’t make the best movies in the world. So what?

  • Culture

    EDITOR’S LETTER: Stories of Summer

    I think the nostalgia that summer inevitably breeds is deeper for people like us, who understand with a chilling poignancy how brief the season is. Summer love is deeper, more rash and wild.

  • Culture

    The Time for Westerns Has Come. And Clifford Jackman’s Debut Novel Is the Perfect Example

    The western is a genre that seems forever on the verge of absolute relevancy, like stories about superheroes, mob bosses, and sad contemporary white men. Signals from the Wild West get launched every few years, it seems: think Deadwood, Justified, or, in the world of literature, Patrick DeWitt’s The Sisters Brothers, or last year’s The Son by Phillip Meyer. But whether these represent the first salvos of an upcoming cultural onslaught or the last shots of a dying genre is never very clear. And if it’s any indication, the coming Western boom is going to be good. Bloody good.

  • Culture

    EDITOR’S LETTER: Welcome to Manhood. It’s a Good Place to Be

    Behind me somewhere, tucked between back issues of Sharp and cologne samples, is the first copy of Esquire I ever bought. It’s the June 2001 issue. Jon Stewart is on the cover. This was before The Daily Show became essential viewing for lefty millenials, but things were obviously looking up for him (although, things are […]

  • Women

    Linda Cardellini is a Powerful Woman (And That’s Just One Thing We Like About Her)

    I’m trying to discern what it is about Linda Cardellini that makes her impenetrable to cynicism. Or rather, makes her so good at penetrating it, the kind that accumulates in the brains or hearts (or wherever cynicism metaphorically builds up) in even the most seasoned consumer of culture. Because, it’s like a super power for her. She deploys it in every role, not to mention real life, too. It’s a part of her identity. She appears, and you suddenly, you’ve fallen for her.

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