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    The Books You Should Have Read This Year

    Winter is the beach season for the mind. The time you flex your mental faculties to impress the bookish honeys with their dark framed glasses, MFAs, and discreet punctuation tattoos. But, that means you have to lift, bro. Literally, because a lot of the books you should have read this year are legitimate tomes. You can pick up the lightweight, Lee Child burner again when the sun comes out. Right now, it’s time to get huge, literarily speaking.

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    It’s All a Game to Channing Tatum

    Two moves in, Channing Tatum has already won. I successfully removed a block from the middle of the tower of small wooden bricks, but as I try to place it gently on the top of the tower, according to the dictates of the game, two blocks tumble from the top. If there’s one skill required to play (and win) the game of Jenga, it is steady hands. But, the dynamics of this particular game are a little uneven. He’s Channing Tatum. I’m not. I’m a little nervous. He says he is, too, but this is not honest.

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    A Man Worth Listening To: Aaron Sorkin

    You expect Aaron Sorkin to speak in a certain way. His characters, whether President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing, […]

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    5 Podcasts To Make You A Better Man

    In the pop cultural hierarchy, podcasts—those not-quite-radio shows meant to be downloaded from iTunes—fall somewhere between public radio and theatre. People listen to them, just not as many as it sometimes seems. The reason is that these listeners tend to be the educated, tote-bag carrying sorts who write our blogs and produce our newscasts. Something like the audience of Mad Men.

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    Chris Pine is a Horrible Boss

    Chris Pine might as well be giving me an acting lesson. It’s about motivation. It’s a reminder that for a scene to work, to have thrust and gravity, you need two characters who each want something, ideally from each other. I’m reminded of that famous scene in A Few Good Men where Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson verbally duke it out in a military court. One man wants the truth, while the other resolutely maintains that his opponent can’t, in fact, handle said truth. That scene’s got it all: a power imbalance, competing desires, machismo, drama. You can’t handle the truth! That’s some good stuff right there.

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    17 Lessons in Manhood from 13 Men Worth Listening to

    Advice is not hard to find. Everyone has an opinion, and this is not a new thing. What is new is the unprecedented number of channels via which we’re now able to broadcast these opinions instantly (and often with regrettable consequences) to the entire planet. It’s noisy out there. Our A Man Worth Listening To series exists as an antidote to the shouting and confusion…

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    Lauren Cohan Is the Best Part of The Walking Dead

    Lauren Cohan reveals why we love the women we love.

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    Life Lessons from Chris Hadfield

    Chris Hadfield is wiser than this world; he’s been around it enough times. Our feature Q&A with the coolest (and smartest) Canadian we know.

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