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    A Gentleman’s Guide to Adult Toys

    There was a time when sex toys made men nervous. To some degree, our territorial gender saw these innocuous pieces of silicone as a threat: a battery-powered improvement or upsizing. After all, if it has a name like “Deep Space Nine” you get the feeling that there are few mortal men that can measure up. Now, such a narrow view is outdated. These are enhancements, gentleman, nothing more. So, knowing she is no more likely to replace you with that sock drawer torpedo than you her with something else, we’ve collected an assortment of toys for the couple looking to add a little spice to the bedroom.

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    10 Luxe Cigar Accessories

    If you have a relationship with cigars, you know that it’s difficult to remain casual. It gets serious, quickly. They are a demanding partner, with rules pertaining to how they’re handled and kept. When you’re ready to take it to the next level and invest in a smoking room, you’ll need the appropriate accoutrements for your space. Here are the essentials, all crafted to a level worthy of any aficionado.

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    Timepiece Complication 101

    What the heck is a drift angle calculator anyway?

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    Audi’s TT is a Design Icon

    The R8 supercar is top of mind when Audi comes up in conversation, in no small part due to its role as Downey Jr.’s ride in Iron Man. A stroke of masterful product placement if ever there was one. Not since Dustin Hoffman and his little red Alfa Romeo Duetto has a character been more perfectly matched to his car.

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    19 Insanely Luxurious Things

    Because we believe one should never have to compromise, we’ve gathered this list of Things (books, bikes, boats, destinations, drinks etc.) from the pages of our Fall Winter Book For Men.

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    The Best High-End Audio Gear

    Essential components for enjoying music as it was meant to be heard.

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    A BMW Field Day in Istanbul

    Ancient history meets burning rubber while we explore BMW’s newest M machines in Istanbul.

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    The Best of CES 2015

    The International Consumer Electronics Show is a time for everyone to embrace their inner geek. The show more than 3,500 products from around the world every year—basically every tech-junkies wet dream. The 2015 Las Vegas showroom featured innovative smart watches (lots of them!), Bluetooth pacifiers, a lighter designed to help you quit smoking, plus more than enough talk of “the Internet of Things.”

    We geeked out hard (and liked it!) to put together this list of the best products from CES 2015.

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