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    Simple Valentine’s Day Recipes (from the Masterchef Canada judges)

    Nothing is more romantic than a home cooked meal–we don’t know why that is, only that it is–but we can’t all be master chefs. So, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, we asked the judges from MASTERCHEF Canada for a few dinner recipes. The criteria: 1) Looks difficult to make, and 2) Isn’t difficult to make. Take a few of their tips to make your Valentine’s Day everything she dreamed it would be.

    Photos courtesy of CTV

  • Mount Gay3

    Winter Cocktails with Mount Gay Black Barrel

    Take a page out of the professional’s book and mix up one of these custom Mount Gay Black Barrel cocktails from some Canadian homegrown talent.

  • Entertain Like a Chef3

    Entertain Like A Chef: Family-Style Edition

    Not everything is improved by the addition of “family-style”—politics for instance—but dinner isn’t on that list. For your next party, instead of sweating over multiple dishes and then running around plating, serving and re-serving your guests, opt for a few large dishes instead—you know, like mom used to do. Not only does it make for a more convivial, relaxed atmosphere, it’ll save you a few trips to the kitchen.

  • Odour-Free Home

    Tips for an Odour-Free Home

    It’s nearly 8 P.M. and your date – that girl you’ve been texting all week – is on her way over for dinner. You’ve uncorked the wine and set the table, pressed your shirt and flossed your teeth. It’s just about game time, and you’re ready to go.

  • Best Butchers3

    The Best Butchers in Canada

    We’ve located the best butchers in Canada. Steaks for everyone!

  • Winter Drinks3

    The Best Winter Cocktails

    There are only a few ways to warm up from the inside out, and some are a lot more enjoyable than others.  You can, of course, barricade yourself in the boudoir with warm-bodied companion or you can make yourself one of these delicious seasonal cocktails. And let’s face it, your bar cart has always been available when […]

  • Gourmet Bar Food3

    The Best Gourmet Bar Food in Canada

    There’s nothing better then stumbling upon a great bar where the atmosphere is laid back, the people are friendly and the drinks sublime. But there’s another category that has been expanding along with the current trend of quality drink: the food…

  • feature

    The Craftsmen Series

    Lessons in artistry from Toronto’s finest artisans.

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