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    Halloween Suits3

    How To Wear A Suit To A Halloween Party

    6 ways to wear a suit to a Halloween party.

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    5 Pairs of Boots You Need Right Now

    Five pairs of boots that will take you from winter walkways to office hallways as stylishly as possible.

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    Mark Makers_Sean Brown3

    Mark Makers: Sean Brown, Designer

    These are the people who’ve made their mark on the world of fashion, art and culture. This is what fuels their passion and drives them to succeed. This is what influences the influencer.

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    Wall Decor3

    10 Things To Put On Your Wall

    We’ve already covered how to decorate like a man, but we wanted to take it a step further by zeroing in on one of the best places to show off your personal style: the walls…

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    The State of the Barbershop

    Old-school barbers are enjoying a swell of popularity not seen since in half a century. But how long will it last?

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    Dirty Harry3

    Screen Style: Dirty Harry

    A quick clothing guide on how to dress like your favourite on-screen detective. If you feel lucky, punk.

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    Behind the Scenes at our H&M fall fashion photoshoot

    Sharp’s Fashion Editor, Yang Goh, takes us behind the scenes at an H&M fall fashion photo shoot, showcasing the season’s best wears at the Weslodge Saloon in Toronto.

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    Outerwear Essentials

    8 Outerwear Essentials

    From boiled wool to leather moto, these are the outerwear pieces you need to prep for the cold.

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