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    Heroes of Menswear: Saul Korman

    If you’re going to visit Saul Korman at his menswear shop, Korry’s Clothiers on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, wear a suit.

    It’s 25 minutes into my interview with the Canadian menswear legend and I find myself looking at my shoes. He’s just said something to the effect of “it doesn’t matter what a man is wearing if his shoes are dirty.” He’s not looking down, but I am. My boots, a pair of fur-lined leather lace-ups, are, in my defense, appropriate for the slushy winter weather, which has left a pattern of salty, muddy spots on the dark leather. Korman is wearing a 5-year-old, dark grey Canali suit with the pants cuffed, which he says he wore specially for me, though I’m not entirely sure why. I know he’s not judging me, but I can’t help but wish I had more carefully considered my outfit.

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    How To Wear a Turtleneck

    Repeat after us: “This is the year I will look great wearing a blazer with a turtleneck.” Now once more with feeling. It’s no wonder the turtleneck got a bad rap, thanks to its close association over the years with Marxist Beatniks, Steve Jobs and others fond of low-maintenance wardrobes. But the roll-neck sweater has endured and is ready for its place in your wardrobe.

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    50 Gifts3

    50 Gifts To Buy Yourself

    For those who feared that they were men who, indeed, did have everything, that the world contained no more wonders, no lands left to conquer and all that, we offer this list, humbly, as evidence to the contrary. For every aspect of your life, from your home, your office, your cottage, your bar, here are a few things you don’t have yet. But, really, really should.

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    Kendrick Lamar3

    Kendrick Lamar Redesigns a Classic

    Kendrick Lamar and Reebok Classic have joined forces to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand’s classic Ventilator shoe. The rapper took to the streets of Compton, CA to film the announcement video (directed by Anthony Mandler), spitting verses about his hometown while wearing Reebok’s Ventilator OG. In 2015, Lamar will front the global campaign for the OG and design a capsule collection of sneakers, which will drop in June (hopefully a new album release is on the way, too). Lamar chatted with Sharp about this new partnership with Reebok, his personal style and why inspiring others is important to him.

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    Navy Blazer3

    How To Wear A Navy Blazer

    On the list of style staples that belong in every man’s closet, the navy blazer is right at the top. It has the ability to be dressed up or down, worn with prints or with like-minded colours, and in a variety of fabrics. We’ve rounded up a few different ways to wear the classic coat, and included a few rules to guide the looks.

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    Women Gifts3

    14 Gifts for Women

    Buying the right gift for the woman in your life requires planning, research and subtlety. Choose the wrong thing and it was all for naught. Between jewellery, stocking stuffers, clothes and accessories, we’ve taken out the guesswork. Now it’s up to you to take out your credit card and get moving.

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    Ben Kingsley3

    Ben Kingsley: God of Style

    Celebrated actor, commander of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and star of Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, Sir Ben Kingsley knows a thing or two about gravitas – in both his work and his wardrobe. Here’s how a knight dresses in 2015.

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    Get Fit Now3

    10 Ways to Get Fit Now

    Karon Liu is a food writer. He is the man responsible for the Crookie—a Canadian response to the Cronut craze, made from the unholy union of a croissant and an Oreo cookie. He is man familiar with eating. And, as such, he’s a man familiar with the need to burn off all the stuff he eats. But, then, aren’t we all.

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