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    Henrik Lundqvist Stars In ‘A Man’s Story’

    In celebrating 100 years since a 16-year-old Salvatore Ferragamo emigrated from southern Italy to Boston, the brand has launched A Man’s Story, an online fashion series featuring the luxury collection worn on an eclectic group of men.

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    Matt Barnes3

    Mark Makers: Matt Barnes, Photographer

    Steaks with Steven Stamkos. A smoke with Snoop Dogg. A yacht party with a crew of beautiful, nude women. Matt Barnes’ C.V. reads like just about every guy’s bucket list. The Ontario-raised photographer has made a name for himself by shooting any scene he can conjure, no matter how wild. And it’s that impossible-is-nothing work ethic that’s made the 31-year-old one of the most sought-after photographers in the industry, his work having been featured in Rolling Stone, Vogue and, of course, Sharp. You know his photos when you see them; they’re the ones that look better than real life.

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    Winter Work Out3

    How To Stay Fit (aka Awesome) This Winter

    Before Seasonal Affective Disorder gets its icy, Vitamin-D-deprived grip firmly around the serotonin-producing areas of your nervous system, gear up, buckle down and get out in front of the winter blues. Exercise is one of the best combatants against depression. In fact, a 2011 study at the Cooper Research Institute in Texas (a non-profit research facility dedicated to preventative medicine) showed that just three hours of exercise a week can reduce symptoms of moderate depression as effectively as prescription antidepressants. Here are a few things to make outdoor exercise in winter more tolerable—pleasant even.

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    William Ukoh credit

    The Year of the Beard (and Why I Shaved)

    I was at a launch party for a new beer. A man I had never seen before, a stranger, walked up to me and began stroking my face. Ordinarily, this would warrant a reaction—a deflection of the hand, an awkward syllable uttered in discomfort, a look along the lines of “Why are you touching me, strange man?”—but I didn’t budge. We locked eyes and he pet my face. It wasn’t the first time this had happened.

    Once my beard reached a certain length, strange things started happening. The Year of the Beard taught me a few things…

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    Socks and Underwear3

    A Gentleman’s Guide to Socks and Underwear

    There are a few essentials in life that a man should never skimp on. First are socks. They’re on your feet and you’re on those things all day long! Second is underwear. Because, well, you know. The moment either one loses their elasticity, it’s time to throw them out. We did some homework to find the brands whose products won’t droop after only a few wears.

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    A Man Worth Listening To: Joffrey Lupul

    Joffrey Lupul knows his job can’t compare to the Canadian troops’.

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    Corey Stoll3

    The Season’s Best Wool Suits (With Corey Stoll)

    The Strain’s Corey Stoll shows you how to look put together and effortlessly cool in the season’s snappiest wool suits.

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    Winter Essentials3

    40 Winter Clothes Every Man Needs: 2014

    40 jackets, pants and accessories you need to keep warm this winter.

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