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    A Woman You Should Meet: Janina Gavankar

    Janina Gavankar is a self-proclaimed geek. At least, that’s what every other interview says about her. She’ll admit to an obsession for video games, Comic Con and the world of tech but maintains that ‘to geek’ is just to love. And boy, do geeks love her. In any incarnation. Whether it’s as a shape-shifter on True Blood or on the face of a trophy in The League, fans can’t get enough. We caught up with Janina at the Toronto release for Far Cry 4—a video game in which she voices a character—to chat about the game, her badass roles and, yes, Shiva Blasts.

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    Alexandra Essoe3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Alexandra Essoe

    Actress Alexandra Essoe is super cool. Not only does she love retro horror movies—”Chills and thrills, it’s a really good time!”—but she also doesn’t mind a bit when I tell her I forgot to press record at the beginning of our interview…

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    Tamara Duarte3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Tamara Duarte

    The medical drama has a long tradition on television. Some are good—well, the less that can be said about Animal Hospital, the better. But, there’s always room for another on in the canon. Especially if it’s going to star a woman like Tamara Duarte. In Hard Rock Medical, The Degrassi alum plays a med school student on the show that is set in Northern Ontario…

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    MacKenzie Porter3

    A Woman You Should Meet: MacKenzie Porter

    Singer/actress MacKenzie Porter has come a long way since touring around Alberta with her parents and siblings as a family band. Since then she’s opened for country music super stars like Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood…

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Jackie Redmond

    Jackie Redmond loves everything there is about sports. We feel the same way about her.

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    Alysha Brilla3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Alysha Brilla

    Alysha Brilla is a combination of old-world soul and new-age beauty.

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    Lauren Cohan Is the Best Part of The Walking Dead

    Lauren Cohan reveals why we love the women we love.

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    Cory Lee3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Cory Lee

    Cory Lee has a really busy schedule. But she made just enough time for us…and you.

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