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    A Woman You Should Meet: Sophie Tweed Simmons

    Most people would think that growing up with a rockstar dad, model mom and legions of fans following your family around would be hard to handle. For Sophie Tweed Simmons (daughter of KISS frontman Gene) it’s been a life just like any other. Thanks to a music career, a fashion line and a jewellery collection, the 22-year-old is slowly making her own mark in the industry apart from her famous father. We sat down with Simmons to chat about her family, growing up on Family Jewels and her very first autograph.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Erica Wark

    Usually stylists are behind the scenes, letting their clients be in the spotlight. But, when you’re as beautiful as Erica Wark, we figured it was time to put her front and centre. As the resident style expert for shows like The Social, eTalk and The Marilyn Denis Show, there isn’t a fashion question she’s afraid to answer. Even when it comes to her own worst style moment. We talked to Erica about her days as a model, style rules for men and that fashion faux-pas.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Gigi Hadid

    A Woman You Should Meet: Gigi Hadid

    Gigi Hadid’s moment—which has essentially been going on for two decades now—seems extra momentous at the moment. So, we’d like to take a moment to give it up for her. It’ll only take a moment. In all seriousness, though, the woman is everywhere! She’s on runways, at parties, at the gym, on covers, still in Guess ads and in this year’s Pirelli Calendar. Busy as she is, we stole a few minutes of her time to get the lowdown on what it was like to work with Steven Meisel on the Pirelli Calendar.

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    Elizabeth Ostrander is a woman you should meet.

    A Woman You Should Meet: Elizabeth Ostrander

    Elizabeth Ostrander is a hard woman to nail down. As one half of the sailing duo behind Sailing is Sexy (the important half, if we’re being frank), she’s making good on a childhood promise to sail around the world and, lucky for us, she’s documenting it. Somewhere between Hawaii and Bora Bora, Elizabeth found time to become Playboy’s December 2014 Playmate and cover model. We caught her between a tropical trip and a photo shoot to ask about her exciting life at sea.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Kyra Zagorsky

    Kyra Zagorsky can roll with the punches. Literally. As Dr. Julia Walker on the SyFy series Helix, she engaged in a bloody fight with her father in the last episode. Those kind of punches. In real life, the rough-and-tumble actress is happiest in the mountains of Colorado, climbing, hiking and camping. We trapped her inside for a half hour to find out more about her love for the great outdoors, her character and the weirdest storyline she’s ever had. Spoiler alert: it’s bloody.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Allison McAtee

    Actress Allison McAtee is great under pressure. Sure, she had to submit an audition tape for her role on OWN’s The Have and the Have Nots in under a day and audition again on stage in front of the show’s creator, writer and producer Tyler Perry. But those facts only seem intimidating before you find out that she shoots an episode A DAY! We talked to the beautiful McAtee about her crazy shooting schedule, finally ageing into her characters and soap operas. Sorry, we couldn’t help it.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Grace Gealey

    It’s no surprise that Empire, a musical drama about record label Empire Enterprise, is a huge hit. The show is a BTS look at a company run by Terrence Howard’s Lucious Lyons, a former drug dealer and rapper, and his fresh-out-of-prision ex-wife Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). What’s not to love? The beautiful Grace Gealey plays Anika Calhoun, head of A&R (artists & repertoire), and Howard’s love interest. We spoke to the actress about her starving artist days, that wardrobe and being a badass woman in a man’s world.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Hayley Hasselhoff

    You never know what you’re going to get when you interview a model. Fortunately for me, talking with Hayley Hasselhoff (yes, daughter of David) proved to be a joy from the moment she boisterously asked how I was doing. Once we moved her excitement past my wellbeing, Hasselhoff chatted about being a plus-size model, the state of the industry and the best advice she ever got from dear ol’ dad.

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