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    A Woman You Should Meet: Nina Pizans

    Dancing in front of a small crowd can be intimidating. Dancing for 20,000 screaming fans is downright terrifying. Well, not for Nina Pizans who does it every other night as the captain of the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak. Between being the First Lady of the Raptors and completing her Bachelors Degree majoring in dance, Pizans keeps a tight schedule. Luckily, she spared a few minutes to school us in the rules of Dance Pak.

  • Ksenia3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Ksenia Solo

    Ksenia Solo is a conventionally pretty, small, sprite of a woman, but you wouldn’t know that judging from her roles (her CV is no list of rom-coms). Instead, the actress has made it her mission to find parts that are as complex and unique as possible. In addition to playing a professional thief on Lost Girl and a holistic healer on Orphan Black, Solo will be portraying real-life character Peggy Shippen on AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies…

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    WAGs of the NHL

    There are many reasons to envy the guys who play professional sports. They’re rich, athletic and revered as heroes. They also happen to date and marry some of the most beautiful women in the world. These women are referred to as WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and are catalogued almost as extensively as their male counterparts. We’ve already covered the WAGs of the NFL. Here are the most beautiful WAGs of the NHL.

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    Linda Cardellini is a Powerful Woman (And That’s Just One Thing We Like About Her)

    I’m trying to discern what it is about Linda Cardellini that makes her impenetrable to cynicism. Or rather, makes her so good at penetrating it, the kind that accumulates in the brains or hearts (or wherever cynicism metaphorically builds up) in even the most seasoned consumer of culture. Because, it’s like a super power for her. She deploys it in every role, not to mention real life, too. It’s a part of her identity. She appears, and you suddenly, you’ve fallen for her.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Lauren Toyota

    As one of the most recognizable faces in Canadian entertainment media, Lauren Toyota has enjoyed a fantastic career. Between hosting shows on MTV Canada and MuchMusic, Lauren has worked as a correspondent for Breakfast Television, eTalk, Fashion Television and many more. Now that she’s conquered all her childhood dreams (that include interviewing Kermit the Frog […]

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Elysia Rotaru

    Between zombies, serial killers and invading aliens, Elysia Rotaru keeps her resume interesting. The actress (a proud Vancouverite) has had her fair share of weird story lines thanks to shows like iZombie and Motive but has no plans of slowing down. We caught up with Elysia to talk about her range of strange characters, filming in her hometown and why she’s getting a doctorate in Chinese medicine.

  • A Woman You Should Meet: Elena Juatco

    A Woman You Should Meet: Elena Juatco

    Somehow, against the odds, Elena Juatco found time to chat with us. The beautiful Open Heart actress just released an album (Beyond the Line), is always involved in a theatre show (like Les Misérables) and was recently touring with her one-woman show. Luckily, we were able to catch up to her and chat about the show, her album and what she does when she finally gets a little down time.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Sophie Tweed Simmons

    Most people would think that growing up with a rockstar dad, model mom and legions of fans following your family around would be hard to handle. For Sophie Tweed Simmons (daughter of KISS frontman Gene) it’s been a life just like any other. Thanks to a music career, a fashion line and a jewellery collection, the 22-year-old is slowly making her own mark in the industry apart from her famous father. We sat down with Simmons to chat about her family, growing up on Family Jewels and her very first autograph.

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