• Danielle Graham3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Danielle Graham

    If you like to indulge in celebrity news (fine, it’s your wife watching, we believe you) chances are you’ve seen the gorgeous face of eTalk’s Danielle Graham. From reporting on the red carpets of every award show imaginable to interviewing the biggest names in the business (Oprah, anyone?) she’s become a permanent fixture in the […]

  • Amanda Crew

    Amanda Crew Is Not Cool (So Quit Saying She Is)

    She may look flawlessly cool, but don’t dare call Amanda Crew that. The Silicon Valley star insists she’s both awkward and nerdy. And she can prove it.

  • Nadine Dumas3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Nadine Dumas

    Nadine Dumas is living the life. Now calling the Cayman Islands home, the Alberta-native runs her business advising people on staying fit. And she would know: Dumas has competed in and won numerous fitness and bikini competitions around the world. Even though she’s no longer strutting on stages, she can usually be found in a […]

  • Carlson Young

    A Woman You Should Meet: Carlson Young

    There’s something about Carlson Young that makes you feel like you’ve met her before. Maybe it’s her girl-next-door affability, or maybe it’s her contagious giggle. More likely, it’s because you definitely have seen her before – that is, if you’re a comedy fan.

  • TV woman3

    As Shot By Sharp: TV’s Leading Ladies

    Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss. Bloodline’s Linda Cardellini. The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan. Community’s Gillian Jacobs. All gorgeous women, all actresses on fantastic TV shows and all shot by yours truly. We went into our vault of lovely ladies to bring you some of our favourites from over the years. Look through the gallery now and re-binge watch their shows later.

  • Nina3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Nina Pizans

    Dancing in front of a small crowd can be intimidating. Dancing for 20,000 screaming fans is downright terrifying. Well, not for Nina Pizans who does it every other night as the captain of the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak. Between being the First Lady of the Raptors and completing her Bachelors Degree majoring in dance, Pizans keeps a tight schedule. Luckily, she spared a few minutes to school us in the rules of Dance Pak.

  • Ksenia3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Ksenia Solo

    Ksenia Solo is a conventionally pretty, small, sprite of a woman, but you wouldn’t know that judging from her roles (her CV is no list of rom-coms). Instead, the actress has made it her mission to find parts that are as complex and unique as possible. In addition to playing a professional thief on Lost Girl and a holistic healer on Orphan Black, Solo will be portraying real-life character Peggy Shippen on AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies…

  • WAGs3

    WAGs of the NHL

    There are many reasons to envy the guys who play professional sports. They’re rich, athletic and revered as heroes. They also happen to date and marry some of the most beautiful women in the world. These women are referred to as WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and are catalogued almost as extensively as their male counterparts. We’ve already covered the WAGs of the NFL. Here are the most beautiful WAGs of the NHL.

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