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    A Woman You Should Meet: Eden Grinshpan

    Full disclosure: I am a Food Network junkie. I can watch that channel for hours, days, months on end. So when Chopped Canada’s newest judge Eden Grinshpan became available for an interview, I jumped at the chance. Plus, she’s a total knockout. Everyone wins. Gearing up for the new season, Grinshpan was able to take a few minutes to talk about her travels, pigs heads and her incredible love of cooking: “I’ve always had an obsession with butter.”

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    Best of AWYSM3

    The Best of A Woman You Should Meet

    We know how much everyone likes a good end-of-year roundup. We also know how much everyone likes pictures of gorgeous women. In an effort to please the masses, we’ve rounded up the best advice given to us from a year’s worth of A Woman You Should Meet Q&A’s. Our favourite women let us know their thoughts on everything from travel, life and, of course, men. Read, look and learn.

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    Evelyne Brochu3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Evelyne Brochu

    Since making the move from French films to English projects, the bilingual Evelyne Brochu has found herself playing some seriously strong women. First as scientist Dr. Delphine Cormier on Orphan Black and now as a 1940s undercover agent on her new show X Company. We caught up with the Quebec native to chat about her stunts, learning German and being a total kickass woman.

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    The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Runway Rundown

    The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Runway Show aired last night and we’re just tickled to be putting together this rundown for those who missed it…and many who didn’t miss it.

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    Natalie Loren3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Natalie Loren

    What you can’t tell about Natalie Loren just by looking at her is that she has a mesmerizing English accent. What you can tell by looking at her is that she’s absolutely beautiful and she can thank her English and Mauritian roots for it.

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Candice Huffine

    Everyone is known for something. Some trait that gets drawn to the forefront by life’s little interactions and eventually becomes the […]

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    A Woman You Should Meet: Janina Gavankar

    Janina Gavankar is a self-proclaimed geek. At least, that’s what every other interview says about her. She’ll admit to an obsession for video games, Comic Con and the world of tech but maintains that ‘to geek’ is just to love. And boy, do geeks love her. In any incarnation. Whether it’s as a shape-shifter on True Blood or on the face of a trophy in The League, fans can’t get enough. We caught up with Janina at the Toronto release for Far Cry 4—a video game in which she voices a character—to chat about the game, her badass roles and, yes, Shiva Blasts.

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    Alexandra Essoe3

    A Woman You Should Meet: Alexandra Essoe

    Actress Alexandra Essoe is super cool. Not only does she love retro horror movies—”Chills and thrills, it’s a really good time!”—but she also doesn’t mind a bit when I tell her I forgot to press record at the beginning of our interview…

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