• Steve

    Missed out on a little gem in Old Ottawa East…Cafe Ninety7 located at 97 Main Street. Next time.

  • lloyd

    What only Alberta, BC and east. HEY! Winnipeg has great ones too you sons of beeotches lol.

  • PaulinVictoria

    Unfortunately not really the best in Canada but the best in Toronto, Vancouver and a few other locales. A best in Canada list, as in most of your “Lists” includes NF, PEI, SK, MAN and centres like Victoria, Quebec City, Chalottetown and Whistler. If you assume the responsibility of doing best of lists move beyond your borders.

    • Dave Gallant

      I completely agree. It appears that anything outside of the major metro cities are excluded. I would love to see more East Coast and rural locations across Canada in these type of posts.

  • vincent_in_TO

    they should probably say high end coffee shops. and Lit isn’t even the best coffee shop on ronces


    Listing every great coffee house in Canada is more than a one page spread so I’ll forgive you missing all of my favourites…but I will suggest adding my #1 –
    The Smoking Waters cafe and gallery in Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C.
    Freshly baked cinnamon buns, great drinks, beautiful wine, excellent decor (new artists cover the walls every month, including the washroom), and a fantastic patio looking out over the valley and mountains.
    Its only a 5 minute drive from two golf courses and the pools, and they are featuring an amazing photographer this month!
    Ok, that last bit is about me. :-)

  • GIanni

    I can think of at least 20 coffeehouses in Calgary better than Higher Ground, which serves Canterbury industrial coffee swill made on a superuto. No better than Starbucks. Good to see deVille and P&S (the gold standard for Canada) on this list but anybody with ANY taste in coffee would put Caffe Rosso, Chiasso, Insomnia, Gravity, Fratello Analog, Caffe Crema, or even any of the Good Earth chain above the crap they call coffee at Higher Ground.

  • Taste Master

    Glanni said Fratello Analog is a destination coffee house. My guess is Gianni also like Tim Horton’s……. you dont have a clue about coffee. You probably take yellow tail wine to parties. Need I say more.

  • fraz

    And lot of vitriol for a pretty good list. Brave to even attempt this, perhaps we should call it some cool coffee shops rather than the best? A great majority of Canadians appear to believe that timmys is serving the perfect cup…

    Thanks for the referral to crema on Dundas. A solid cup of coffee, pulled by a server with an appropriate number of tattoos and piercings to make it on your list.


  • firepuncher

    Only 3 east of Ontario, and only 1 east of Montreal, I just subscribed then saw this. It better not be a trend that this is just another Canadian Magazine that thinks Toronto is the Center of the Universe ffs. Uncommon Ground in Halifax is very good, but you missed so much of the coffee culture in Atlantic Canada

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  • steve

    I just arrived home from Edmonton and Leva makes the best coffee I have had in Canada. Living in Vancouver I can find a good shot of espresso but what they do at Leva is special. If only they were in Vancouver.

  • JAD3703

    This is a Toronto-centric article, but keep in mind population density. And quite frankly, having lived in a good chunk of Canada, and visiting most Canadian major urban centres because of work, I think that a lot of the offerings are spot on. But the title is what rankles, I suspect. For what it is worth: the Mercury in Lesleyville makes one of the most incredible lattes I have ever had (I visit there everyone I am in Toronto); the Dark Horse is awesome; so is Sense Appeal on lower Spadina. Love the Goat, Crema, Sam James Coffee Bar, Bridgehead & the Goat in Ottawa, Prado in Vancouver and Leva in Edmonton. But still lots more to try, so I view this article as a “cup is half-full” thing … keep experimenting / keep trying out new places.

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  • Mat Jenkins

    I love Leva too! Now I own a cafe in downtown Edmonton and I hope you give them (even better MINE) a try Steve. It’s called Caffe Sorrentino Mayfair Village just south of Jasper on 109th. My name is Matt. Drop by and tell me what you think. And welcome to Edmonton!

  • ian panganiban

    I’ve always been meaning to check out deVille, but then I’m like better not.

  • Mais oui bien sur

    Uncommon grounds in Halifax !!!! Seriously???? This is a joke….

  • Tad Hargrave

    I would add Solstice Cafe in Victoria.

    • Teresa Janelle

      I second that!

  • Teresa Janelle

    Love the heavy Edmonton representation! I would add Block 1912 on Whyte ave in Edmonton, and maybe the Mill Creek Cafe on Whyte Ave in Edmonton as well.

    Anybody have a best coffee shop in Winnipeg? I’m coming from a place with like, five shops on that list, to a place with NONE on the list, and I’m sad…

  • Michael Richard Murphy

    Uncommon Grounds in Halifax is OK, but the best cafe in town is right across the street from me! Java Blend Coffee Roasters! See you there!

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