• Zodiacs Mom

    Wurst restaurant and Beer Hall in Calgary is the best space to dine and party!

  • Zodiacs Mom

    WURST BEER HALL rated on of the “Best Beer Hall in Canada”
    see Sharp for Men Mag

  • David

    Huge oversight missing out Mahony & Sons in Vancouver … already won Best Pub in Vancouver last year. Some good ones on the list … just missing the the big one to give the list credibility.

  • Dee

    Missing Tap & Barrel in Vancouver’s Olympic Village

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  • theweelass

    These are mostly bars, not pubs. Real Sports is most certainly NOT a pub.

  • Alexander Kuiper

    ya, this really isn’t a great “pub” page. Canada has a host of grittier, more authentic pubs spreed across the country, in both one horse towns and the core of the cities. I might check a few of these out.

  • Nic Jones

    Pubs… get it … not bars.
    Pubs … where you can see other people and talk.
    Toronto … Queen and Beaver upstairs is as good as I’ve found.
    Oh and an honourable mention to the Gloucester on Yonge for making me feel like its 1985 again.

    Yorshire-man in exile

  • sidneyspit

    Darcy’s Pub the top pub in Victoria? Maybe if you’re an 18 year old trying to get served. Victoria boasts some authentic pubs that make their own brews. Darcy’s has supermarket beer. In Victoria, go to Swans Hotel, Spinnakers, or Canoe.

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    The Olde Angel Inn, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Est 1789, rebuilt in 1816.

    And just as theweelass stated, Real Sports is NOT a pub. Any place with 199 TVs is not a pub!

  • Charlton Carey

    Toronto has changed a lot in the last two decades its more beautiful than ever and has more pubs and bars. I love Toronto’s cafes, food places and pubs and bars, probably this city has the world’s top pubs in Toronto. I think, if you visit you will find more information.

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