Sharp Tech: Toshiba NB 200 Notebooks

Sharp Tech: Toshiba NB 200 Notebooks

By Paul Fitzgerald

If you count Starbucks or the airport as your office, you probably have both a laptop computer and a sore back. Performance is important in a notebook computer, but so is portability. It’s a shame that, more often than not, the two are mutually exclusive. You can go for the 3-inch screen and cracker-sized keyboard or something bigger than necessary for checking your email and doing a bit of word processing.

Toshiba’s NB 200 fills an important gap in notebook computers: it’s bigger than your Blackberry, but at an inch thick and less than three pounds, it’s much smaller than your laptop is now, and does all of the same things without compromise. It has a full-size keyboard, and where other compact notebooks don’t stand the test of time – quite literally, their battery life is limited to only an hour or two without large external battery packs – the NB200 has a battery life of about three and a half hours – way longer than you’ll ever want to be sitting at Starbucks. Plus, at under $500, it’s cheaper than phisiotherapy.

NB 200 laptops, $429-$479. For more information, see

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