Flying Pigeon Bicycles – More Classic Than They Sound

When you think of riding a bike, what goes through your mind? A nice big straw basket? Maybe even some training wheels, great big tires that could run forever, and handlebars that feel safe in your hands. Sounds like a childhood dream, but if it’s that nostalgic feeling you’re rooting for, look no further than Flying Pigeon Bicycles. Sure, they sound ridiculous, but in fact, they are the classic bicycle you’ve always longed to ride. Invented in 1950, they’ve been around for a hell of a long time, and have managed to withstand all avid biking competitors.

Sure, you may be no Lance Armstrong, but we don’t expect you to be. Be  the little boy inside you clawing to get out. Pick up a Flying Pigeon, don your hipster shorts, and take a ride down the boardwalk. You’ll never feel the same again (well, you know…maybe).

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