• LordMikey of Sealand

    Plus sized options version of this piece please. We like to be sharp too!

  • Targa

    Only 1 store in Calgary??? I can think of 4 more.

  • not naked

    It seems that men don’t buy clothes in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Quebec City, St John’s or Halifax. Enough of the “big in their minds” cities anyway

    • Ben Du

      Also Ottawa. Not many men there, I guess.

  • David Legault

    This should be titled where to buy clothes in Toronto.

  • Guest

    Why isn’t Boomer menswear in Toronto, not included? They have been around the city for 20 + years. You should check them out and consider them next time.

  • Koolgoods

    Why isn’t Boomer Menswear in Toronto, not on the list? The retailer has been around in the city for 20 + years. Sharp a Canadian magazine should pay them a visit and consider them next time on the list.

  • Trevor Franklin

    Totally off you missed Brooklyn Boys in Yaletown

  • Ben Du

    Not a single store worth mentioning in Ottawa? Come on, guys.

  • Raul Del Sud

    the best of everything in Canada is getting a bit old!

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