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  • lisa hoffhein

    10 STARS looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

  • Gabriel_Macht_Fans

    SWAG!! Gabriel is the Hottiest dude today!!

    • JYNaRa

      Just today?! Nah more like hottest everr lol

      • Gabriel_Macht_Fans

        haha.. you are right.. Agree!

  • JYNaRa

    “The lines should magnify what’s right about the form of the specific body. It shouldn’t be sloppy. Not too tight or too big. The tie shouldn’t overdo the suit and the suit should be simple but refined.” << This right here gives Suits one more bonus to watch, seeing Gabriel in glove-like-fitted-suits will always brighten up my day! xD

  • ysi

    Which issue is this in? Couldn’t find it today.

  • sosi

    Hott, sexy whatever you wanna call it Iv’e never seen a celeb wear a suit as good as Gabriel. He wears them so well he definitely has some SWAG!

  • MrSoluis

    swag? fuck off its class. swag is for little teenage bitches.

  • Alpha

    Classy as fuck! 10/10

  • JamesBond

    Foul language, is also for “little teenage bitches”. Have some class.

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