VIDEO: Master Your Fall Style presented by Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

By Sharp Staff

We can explain the benefits of a weak side blitz against a spread offence. We can quote entire Godfather scenes from memory. We can fix your sink, grill a mean steak and tie somewhere in the region of two to six different kinds of knots. We can even parallel park – most of the time, anyway.

But when it comes to style, that natural acumen isn’t always there. Dressing well is hardly an exact science, and contending with the fickle waves of fashion is never easy. That’s especially true today, when it’s not just about what you wear, but the full package: the way you smell, the fit of your suit jacket and, of course, how you style your facial hair.

We introduce you to four great fall looks, show you how to style the perfect facial hair to complement each of them, and give you the lowdown on the accessories you need to flesh out your wardrobe.

Master Your Fall Style: Style Guide (PDF)  Style Cards (PDF)

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