• Chris

    Sharpest dressed? Looks like he fell into a dumpster outside Value Village! Just saying.
    It would seem to me that perhaps some of Canada’s best dressed may have been overlooked. I see better dressed people peeing on the side of the road after 2am on Yonge St.
    On a serious note how was this contest managed or organized? I distinctly remember only a handful of Canadian cities hosted this contest. “Canada’s Shapest Man”, more like “Meh, He’ll Do”.

    • Not Chris’ Friend

      LOL bitter about not making the finals or something?

      • Chris is Back!!

        First off it should be “not Chris’s friend”.
        Second, nope didn’t enter. The coveted Sharpest Dressed will have to wait for another year for fair competition.

    • Madd

      LOL I highly doubt you can even come close to dressing sharp…so relax buddy

  • Mitchell – Montreal

    Really?? Best dresed?? I’m not impressed.

  • Jordan

    I’m sorry, I understand that as adults we should strive to put forth our best in everything that we do, from our daily work, families and yes, our appearance. Any man who thinks any degree of attention to his appearance is feminine has a lot to learn, but something about a bunch of grown men using social networking to win a beauty contest makes me ill. There is nothing sharp, sophisticated or traditionally male about it. I’d rather be recognized for what I do well, get paid well for it and purchase my own clothing without having to pander.

  • Matt

    Your just a serious hater chris, he won for a reason suck it up. Its ok we will give ya canadas biggest suck then,,,,

  • mflu

    Very true. I personally think the well dressed man should look respectable, comfortable, and functional. It is possible to overdress. If you look like a walking mannequin or people notice your clothes first, you’re probably overdoing it.

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