• Jesus

    Not even 1 pair of waterproof boots featured? Don’t we live in Canada?

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  • Pius25th

    That’s the ugliest duck boot. The LL Bean is a classic duck boot. No Sorels in the line-up? Not even a rubber boot from LaCrosse or Irish Setter? Canada was mentioned in the article but none of the boots mentioned could last more than a season in a Canadian winter unless of course you’re just crossing the street in Montreal!

  • JAD3703

    Yep, except for the duck boots, the rest would get beaten to garbage within one season here in Canada (at least in central and eastern Canada, that is). And not sure that I would want to wear any of the offerings on the Prairies nor the west coast, as my feet would either freeze into solid blocks of ice or be washed away in the frequent monsoons. Some nice Helly Hansens or Polo RLs or LL Beans or felt-lined Blundstones (apart from the soles turning into skates when it is cold) might do the trick, though.

    • James DeBruin

      Have a pair of the Red Wings Iron Rangers and have to say that they are a truly exceptional pair of boots. Awaiting the delivery of a pair of Wolverine 1000 mile boots and expecting the same levels of quality, comfort, fit and craftsmanship.

  • Kevin Kilbride

    Agree with the comments below. You spend that kind of bucks on stylish boots – they better last and for all intents and purposes, they’re useless.

  • Rene Bertsch

    suggestion look at ECCO boots-waterproof and much more stylish than any of these ugly boots

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  • JAD3703

    And I also just picked up a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile black boots which seem to be on par with my afore-mentioned Iron Rangers. Definitely invest some money in decent boots, Gents! You will have no regrets!

  • Jamie D

    These are fall boots, nobody would wear these in winter.

  • Uncontrolled Pain Stupor ( UPS

    Uhm, why do I have the feeling this article was just penned and shopped around to a bunch of different online mags read predominately in one country or another and the name of the country was just switched to suit the site? There isn’t one boot there that could last one real Canadian winter. None could handle a month of our winters. This is highly suspicious. Especially since the term ‘Brit’ was used in one of the boot descriptions. This has nothing to do with Canada.

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