• matthew derusha

    So I picked up the spring/summer edition of Sharp The Book For Men and thought that it was awesome especially the back section that had things from escaping cars in water to shaving. So obviously I was super excited for the next one (fall/winter) when it came out I checked it out at chapters and felt it was more of a high-end watch catelog rather then a style/gentleman’s guide to everything. Relizing that ads provide you guys with money it would be awesome if the next one could focus more on style pointers and everyday useful tips for the gentlemen of today. I love learning about fashion and other manly things like straight blade shaving. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully you have a lot more useful things in this one for guys to learn from rather then look at watches that cost more then a cheap car… Love the site though and everything else you guys do and am definitely going to check out some of these books.


    High-class gentlemen of tomorrow

  • James DeBruin

    There are some really good offerings here, although I concur with the comments regarding the Book of Men from the Fall / Winter and the Spring / Summer. Another good one is “The ABCs of Men’s Fashion”, which has a lot of good advice on fashion. While it may be a faux pas, another good one is Esquire’s Black Book of fashion …

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