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    9 Camping Essentials

    Summer is the time to experience the joy of living (briefly) in the great outdoors. But, only if you have these essentials.

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    How To Blow $300,000 On Your Stereo

    You claim to enjoy music, yet listen to it solely on your laptop or iPod. Forget that noise.

  • The MANual

    Recipes for Drinks in Pitchers

    Here are a few recipes for delicious and refreshing bevies this summer.

  • The MANual

    Hierarchy of Grooming Tools

    Because if you can only have one grooming product, you need to know what it is.

  • The MANual

    4 Books Every Man Should Read in the Summer

    Balance that warm weather pulp fiction with something a little more literary, but nonetheless appropriate for summer.

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    How To Torch Fat Fast

    Beach-body season rapidly approaches. Here are five super-charged ways to burn the calories, post-haste.

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    How To Grow Your Own Vegetables

    The farm-to-table movement isn’t slowing down any time soon. Maybe it’s time you considered a little self-reliance when it comes to your veggies.

  • The MANual

    How To Pack A Picnic

    It’s warm. Eat outside (not on a patio. We know, it sounds crazy to us, too). Here’s how to pack the perfect picnic.

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