How to Escape a Sinking Car

Scenario: The blacktop’s suddenly disappeared and you’re sinking into the ocean blue.

  • Open your window as quickly possible, before the water takes out the electrical system.
  • If you’re too slow on the button, don’t panic. Just remove your seatbelt and look for something to smash the glass with. Ideally, you’ll already have an emergency hammer stowed within easy reach, but whatever you use, it won’t be easy. Remember to aim for the edge of the pane, not the centre and don’t even bother trying to break the windshield.
  • No luck? Time to try the door, but first you need to wait for the inside of the car to fill up completely and equalize the pressure. Take one final breath just before the last pocket of air disappears and try to force the door open.
  • Once you’ve found your exit, leave everything (except your passengers) behind. No stopping to save the wallet or gym bag.
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