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    How to Avoid a Watery Grave - Flash Flood

    How to: Avoid a Watery Grave – Flash Flood

    It’s just a bit of rain, right? What’s the worst that could happen? Water levels can shoot up in a matter or minutes and all sorts of debris, toxins and animals could be present. Follow these tips to avoid a watery demise.

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    How to Avoid a Watery Grave - Sinking Car

    How to: Avoid a Watery Grave – Sinking Car

    The blacktop’s suddenly disappeared and you’re sinking into the ocean blue. Escaping a vehicle in the depths is difficult, so follow these steps to get back on land.

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    How to Do Business Casual

    How to: Do Business Casual

    Finding comfort in what you wear is essential to your productivity, which is why business casual is the cause of a lot of stress.

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    How to Drive Like an F1 Champ

    How to: Drive* Like an F1 Champ

    As the youngest Formula One world champion in the 61-year history of the sport, Sebastian Vettel is probably the most successful 23-year-old you will never meet. He also appears to be well aware of this. We managed to ask him what it takes to drive like a champion as we car careen around the race track.

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    How to Make a Toast

    How to: Give a Toast

    Whether toasting your new bride or your oldest friend, our all-purpose toast has you covered. Just don’t forget to fill in the blanks.

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    How to Care for Your Skin

    How to: Care for Your Skin

    There’s a secret war being waged on the cellular level, 24 hours a day. By following this simple daily routine, you’re sure to master the art of flawless, smooth skin.

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    How to Groom Your Face in the Morning

    How to: Groom Your Face in the Morning

    Your mug speaks volumes about your well-being (or lack thereof). Follow these steps for a basic daily routine, or run the risk of looking like an ex-con.

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    How to Buy Jeans

    How to: Buy Jeans

    In recent years, jeans have become acceptable attire just about anywhere—even at the office. But with this freedom comes great responsibility. Please be judicious with your denim and observe the following rules.

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