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    How to: Open a Bottle of Wine without a Corkscrew

    Yes, it most certainly is possible and no, it doesn’t require a rock.

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    How to: Quick and Easy Dog Food

    Seeing as you take the time to make yourself look and feel your best it’s only fair that you treat […]

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    How to: How to Get More Bang for Your Travel Buck

    From exclusive access to great entertainment to flexible flying options, American Express’ new AIR MILES Reserve Card offers the discerning gentleman everything he’s ever wanted from a travel experience.

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    How to: The Only Five Exercises You Need This Winter

    Sure, you can sign up for one of those fancy new fitness regimens with a cool sounding name, but you don’t need to. These old-school workouts will get the job done, all without leaving the house.

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    How to: Win at Poker

    According to Jonathan Duhamel, winner of the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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    How to: Throw a Perfect Spiral

    As a two-time Grey Cup winning quarterback, who’s thrown for over 43,000 yards, it’s safe to say Matt Dunigan knows how to handle a football. Here’s his advice on tossing the perfect spiral.

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    Create the Ideal Wine Cellar

    How to: Create the Ideal Wine Cellar

    Ever wanted to build your own wine cellar? Here’s how.

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    Appreciate Absinthe

    How to: Appreciate Absinthe

    Absinthe has had a rough time since its rise to popularity in the 1800s. It’s been accused of making “a killer of men, a martyr of women, and a degenerate of the infant.”

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