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    How to Make a Toast

    How to: Give a Toast

    Whether toasting your new bride or your oldest friend, our all-purpose toast has you covered. Just don’t forget to fill in the blanks.

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    How to Care for Your Skin

    How to: Care for Your Skin

    There’s a secret war being waged on the cellular level, 24 hours a day. By following this simple daily routine, you’re sure to master the art of flawless, smooth skin.

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    How to Groom Your Face in the Morning

    How to: Groom Your Face in the Morning

    Your mug speaks volumes about your well-being (or lack thereof). Follow these steps for a basic daily routine, or run the risk of looking like an ex-con.

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    How to Buy Jeans

    How to: Buy Jeans

    In recent years, jeans have become acceptable attire just about anywhere—even at the office. But with this freedom comes great responsibility. Please be judicious with your denim and observe the following rules.

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    How to Wear Facial Hair

    How to: Wear Facial Hair

    When it comes to having the perfect amount of scruff or fuzz, you’ve got to be objective. It’s one thing to pull a Zach Galifianakis, but it’s another thing entirely to whip out your inner Gandalf. What do we recommend? Know thy face and know it well. Just as the right coloured shirt can bring out your eyes, the right type of facial hair can accentuate your bone structure and emphasize the parts of your face you want emphasized. Even the most A-list of men can’t pull off just any mass of face-hair. So we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a handy guide.

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    How to Land a Plane

    How to: Land a Plane

    Are you ready for the ultimate test of grace under pressure? Because it’s time to land a plane. By yourself. This is the one, the ultimate—this will separate the MacGyvers from the MacGrubers. First things first: you should probably never actually do this.

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    How to Survive a Bite

    How to: Survive a Bite

    Every man gets bit ten by something (or someone) at some point. Know what to do when your time comes.

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    How to Be a Gentleman at a Restaurant

    How to: Be a Gentleman at a Restaurant

    You might not like to hear this, but bad customers usually receive bad customer service. Treat your waiter nice—after all, he’s the one handling your food. Here are some tips for ensuring a solid relationship with your server.

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