How to Throw a Perfect Spiral

As a two-time Grey Cup winning quarterback, who’s thrown for over 43,000 yards, it’s safe to say Matt Dunigan knows how to handle a football. Here’s his advice on tossing the perfect spiral.

1. The grip is extremely important. The laces are your friend. You want your fingertips on them, index finger extending towards the tip of the football.

2. Secure the grip with your opposite hand. It’s there for consistency and as a guide hand.

3. To ensure a high release, make sure your elbow is above your shoulder.

4. Shoulder rotation is extremely important. Always point your front shoulder to your target, take a little step, and finish to your target with your opposite shoulder.

5. Release high and in front, with your index finger being the last thing to come off the football as your palm rotates out. You’ll feel that pulling motion, and the index finger will snap off the football, ensuring a tight spiral.

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