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10 Celebrity Social Media Accounts to Follow


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10 Celebrity Social Media Accounts to Follow

By: Sharp Staff|October 28, 2014
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Aaron Paul

The Breaking Bad star is not just a talented, budding actor, but also the type of guy you want to kick back and share a beer with. A regular Instagram poster, Aaron Paul interacts with his fans like no other celebrity. Recently he created and posted his own scavenger hunt for his fans, littering the streets of LA with signed posters and art.

Follow Aaron here.

Aziz Ansari

If you ever tried to get tickets to see Aziz Ansari live, you know it isn’t an easy feat. The hilarious Parks and Recreation star uses his social media to talk about his failed dates, awkward celebrity encounters and to sometimes give his fans free tickets.

Follow Aziz here.

Blake Griffin

Your favorite LA Clippers player is not just a posterboy for fast twitch muscle, he’s also hilarious and insightful. Blake Griffin has ventured off into different areas of entertainment, one of them being slam poetry (in the least poetic way possible) and writing. To date, he has over to three million Facebook likes—you should give him another.

Follow Blake here.

Candice Swanpoel

Stirring up some major controversy by recently posing topless on Instagram, this South African model is one gorgeous girl who is comfortable in her own skin, and not afraid to show it.

Follow Candice here.

Chrissy Teigen

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who can make fun of herself from time to time, which is exactly what Chrissy Teigen does. Often. The former Sports Illustrated model and wife of famous singer John Legend holds nothing back when it comes to expressing her mind. She is unapologetic whether she is showing off her perfect physique in scantily clad outfits, or tweeting out her opinion on world issues that make national headlines.

Follow Chrissy here.

Louis CK

Louis CK proves he is as funny in reality as he is on television through his regular tweeting. The comedian posts about his daily life, world events and personal thoughts on personal matters—that just happen to be hilarious to read.

Follow Louis here.


Irina Shayk

Known for her sizzling hot Sports Illustrated covers, Irina Shayk is a Russian model that you will have trouble keeping up with on Instagram—luckily, the attempt to keep up is highly rewarding. Regularly posting sexy snapshots from her travels all over the world, this is one model you don’t want to ignore.

Follow Irina here.

Rupert Murdoch

As the CEO and founder of the world’s second largest media conglomerate, Rupert Murdoch has definitely figured out the key to success. Labeled by Forbes as one of the most powerful people in the world, the billionaire still finds time to tweet out political opinions, technology news and the best business advice you will ever hear.

Follow Rupert here.

Sofia Vergara

Whether she is spinning on a pedestal at the Emmys to be gawked at, or making us laugh on Modern Family, Sofia Vergara still finds time to hold the title of social media guru. Her Twitter presence is fun, sexy and hilarious, just as she is in person.

Follow Sofia here .


Tyrese Gibson

If you need some serious motivation, look no further then The Fast and the Furious star Tyrese Gibson’s Facebook page. With over 20 million likes, there is a reason people are tuning in each week to hear the actor/musician speak his mind on matters of love, loss and finding inspiration.

Follow Tyrese here.

Whether it’s snapping bikini pictures on Instagram, or sharing hilarious stories on Twitter, these are the celeb social media accounts you need to be following.


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