Swank Modern Furniture For Your House

A man’s home comes together as his life does, reflecting his tastes, means and influences as they grow and evolve. The pleasure of a well-curated room is something that must be felt to be fully understood—at its best, it’s a respite from the chaos of the world outside. In pursuit of this, we’ve assembled some of our favourite pieces for the most important rooms in your home.



The Blanket

Celebrate Canadiana without moose antlers or coyote pelts (save those for the cottage). This modernized version of The Hudson’s Bay Company’s classic point blanket is just northern enough.

The Hudson’s Bay, $495


The Bed

Considering how much time you spend here, your bed should be the last place you compromise. But that doesn’t mean it needs posts, curtains or to resemble Santa’s sleigh.

Avenue Rd., $5,485


The Chair

There’s a reason why you’ll find this Eames molded chair in just about every designer’s home—it’s as close to midcentury perfection as you can get.

Design Within Reach, $530


Your innermost sanctum ought to be a place of calm, free of clutter, noise and piles of decorative throw pillows. Less is more.

The Lamp

The artisans at Czech Republic’s Brokis created these Balloon Lamps in a variety of sizes and material accents, all the better to provide just the right amount of mood lighting.

Brokis, from $1,145


The Sofa

The central piece in any living room setup. It should be comfy enough for daily use without overwhelming the space. The Hiroshima Sofa in grey felt by Naoto Fukasawa accomplishes both.

Mjolk, $4,750


The TV

When it comes to TVs, bigger is better. If you had any doubt of this, behold Bang & Olufsen’s massive new 85-inch ultra-HD 4k screen, with built-in 8-speaker surround sound. Not only does it create a remarkably crisp picture and crystal clear sound, its optional motorized stand tucks the TV discreetly back against the wall when not in use, unfolding back to the ideal viewing angle at the touch of a button.

Bang & Olufsen, $26,120

The Living Room

The perfect living room is about more than just a big TV and a comfortable place to sit (but it needs those things, too, obviously).

The Storage Unit

Cut through the clutter and hide your stuff with a simple credenza. This one is handmade from claro walnut and bleached maple.

Jeff Martin Joinery, $9,200


The Rug

Leave the bearskin to Roger Moore and opt for something more contemporary (and less creepy) to tie the room together.

Design Within Reach, $970


Unlike the one you commute to, the office in your home isn’t subject to corporate culture, office politics or fluorescent lighting. It should be furnished with things that remind you why you do what you do.

The Daybed

John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison and Salvador Dali were all believers in the rejuvenating powers of the catnap, so you’re in good company.

Design Within Reach, $10,220


The Task Light

The Anglepoise 1227 lamp was launched in 1934 and does just as well today what it did then—it helps you see what’s important.

Anglepoise Lamps, $285


The Desk Ornament

This hood ornament was taken from an early 1950s Nash—one of the last examples of Art Deco influence in automotive design—meticulously restored and mounted on a slab of black ebonized poplar wood. It’s a piece of history from the golden age of the automobile, as well as a work of art in its own right.

Nicholas Brawer, Antiques$3,000


The Desk

The proper work surface is essential. Sean Woolsey’s Haack table is crafted from American black walnut and steel square tubing. The perfect blank canvas to spread out your ideas on.

Sean Woosley, $2,800


Dyson 360 Eye Vacuum

What it does: Rolls around your home autonomously sucking up particles as small as 0.5 microns. Working in 20-minute sessions (before returning to the charging station) the 360 eye will map your space using its namesake 360-degree sensor.

Connects via: Wi-fi; apps for iOS and Android.

Bonus features: Tank-like treads assure it won’t get stuck on the rug.

Price: Expect a North American release and pricing info in 2015.


August Smart Lock

What it does: Fits over your existing deadbolt to unlock your front door upon your approach, then locks it again when you leave. You can also send virtual keys to guests—and revoke them at any time lest they overstay their welcome.

Connects via: Apps for iPhone and Android
Bonus features: It uses 4 AA batteries so you won’t be locked out when the Wi-Fi goes on the fritz, and when those get low it will send you reminders to replace them.

Price: $250.

Home, Smart Home

Apps already help us stay connected and informed in our business and social lives, and now there’s a slew of app-connected devices to wire your home. Here are a few worthy of a place in your castle.

Sonos Wireless HiFi Music System

What it does: Wirelessly connects up to 32 speakers across your home around a central hub. Allows for different audio to play in multiple zones simultaneously.

Connects via: Sonos controller app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Bonus features: It’s compatible with iTunes, SiriusXM, Rdio, Napster, Spotify and Pandora and a bunch of other streaming services you’ll eventually be dependent on.

Price: From $220 per speaker.

The prevailing mix of midcentury and contemporary, and the combination of smooth metal with textured cowhide and woodgrain makes for an eclectic look that’s both comfortable and refined.