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The 10 Best Movies in Theatres

By: Sharp Staff|December 16, 2014



American Sniper

One of the most lethal snipers in American history, Chris Kyle has 160 confirmed kills by the Pentagon’s count. Clint Eastwood’s newest flick has Bradley Cooper (plus 40 extra lbs of muscle) playing Kyle as he struggles to be a good husband and father through four tours of duty in Iraq.

A Most Violent Year

Another month, another Jessica Chastain film. This one, set in 1981, gives off major mafia vibes as Chastain’s character and her husband attempt to ives their lives (and run their business) amid violence and corruption.

Big Eyes

Tim Burton is finally back on the proverbial marquee with a Johnny Depp-less return to his colourful, fantastical roots. Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) has made a name for himself with paintings depicting people with giant eyes. The catch is that his wife (Amy Adams) might be the true artist.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper

This film may be a little dark and bleak for the holiday season. Documentarian Nick Broomfield (Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer, Biggie & Tupac) digs into the case of the Grim Sleeper, a serial killer terrorizing South Central Los Angeles for 25 years.

Inherent Vice

Just about every actor and his brother made it into this Joaquin Phoenix-helmed movie. Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Martin Short and Benicio Del Toro are just the few I remembered from the trailer. Phoenix is a private detective navigating a psychedelic world of surfers, stoners and cops to solve a case.

Into the Woods

If your holidays include children, ones who can handle some darkness, Into the Woods is a lock. The film revolves around a childless couple on a journey to reverse a spell. Along the way, they run into Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming. Johnny Depp is in his element as a over-the-top wolf in the woods.


David Oyelowo’s much-discussed turn as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is possibly the most anticipated film of the year. It encompasses the lead up and execution of the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, and efforts that culminated in President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act.

The Gambler

Mark Wahlberg is almost unrecognizable in The Gambler thanks to having to shed 30 lbs to play a professor. A professor with a serious high-stakes gambling addiction whose bones everyone wants broken to be specific. John Goodman, Michael K. Williams and Jessica Lange costar.

The Interview

North Korea has already let the US know that if Seth Rogan and James Franco’s film The Inteview is released, it will be considered an ‘act of war’. Luckily, they didn’t listen and the hilarious duo’s movie about journalists going to interview and hopefully assassinate Kim Jon Un is coming to a theatre near you!


This incredible true story follows the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete who spent two and a half years at a Japanese POW. Angelina Jolie directs the film that was based on the 2010 nonfiction book by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.

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