Your New Not-Hockey Skates

Hockey players and figure skaters have their own skates, but what about the rest of us? You know, the regular stylish Canadian who just wants to squeeze in a few laps while sipping hot chocolate (mystery flask-liquid optional) with their friends on the weekend like everyone else. What have we got? We’ve got crap, that’s what.

Toronto design firm Jacknife, came to realize this massive market gap (why didn’t we?!), and did something about it. Prototypes have been created for men’s, women’s and children’s skates, and they’ve got all got those good looking genes.  Specs include full-grain leather outers, and aluminum, stainless steel and titanium blades and hardware. Heat-formed memory foam will ensure a superb fit, and keep our feet warm so we don’t have to wimp out minutes into our hot date/family excursion. This will also help us hold onto our “impervious to cold” Canadian persona. The firm hopes to have the line made entirely in Canada, too, which we think just makes sense, eh?


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