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The Best Moments From the 2015 Grammys

By: Bianca Teixeira|February 9, 2015



Madonna Moons the Red Carpet

Ahead of a performance that saw the songstress sacrificed to dancing, horned demons, Madonna felt like she wasn’t getting enough attention. Decked out in the Halloween version of ‘sexy matador’ Madonna flashed her cheeks while walking the red carpet.

Paul McCartney Performs with Rihanna & Kanye…or Does He?

During the performance of the Rihanna/Kanye West/Paul McCartney collaboration FourFiveSeconds, people watching at home were left wondering if the former Beatles’ microphone was even turned on. Sure he mouthed the words in the general direction of the mic, but no hint of McCartney’s voice was ever really detected.

AC/DC Opens the Grammys

The much anticipated performance from AC/DC (who weren’t nominated but showed up anyway) satisfied everyone who has ever complained that there’s no real talent at the Grammys. The audience gleefully rocked out while wearing glow-in-the-dark devil horns. Because rock n’ roll.

Is That…Kristin Wiig?

Sia’s performance for ‘Chandelier’ had Twitter in a tizzy thanks to a dancer that looked an awful lot like Kristin Wiig. No wait, it WAS Kristin Wiig dancing in a wig with the tiny Maddie Ziegler from the music video. Everyone was so happy to see Wiig that they totally forgot about Sia’s weird intro courtesy of Shia LaBeouf.

Domestic Violence PSA

President Obama made a video appearance with a recorded speech in which he encouraged viewers to get behind the ‘It’s On Us’ campaign, a movement to end violence against women. Then domestic abuse survivor and spoken word performer Brooke Axtell told her own story of abuse before introducing Katy Perry to the stage. All of Twitter wonders if Chris Brown is using this time for a bathroom break.

Kanye Lets Beck Finish

When Beck won Album of the Year, Kanye West walked up to the stage and made like he was going to interrupt to proclaim Beyonce the real winner. Feels familiar, doesn’t it? Instead, he waved a hand and sat back down amid huge laughs from the crowd, Jay and Bey included. Great callback joke, right? Nope. Kanye was pretty serious as he proved later that night when he told E! that Beck should ‘respect artistry’ and give his trophy to Beyonce. Wow.

Beyonce, Common and John Legend Perform

Gospel choirs were a popular choice last night and Beyonce’s performance was no exception. Beyonce sang ‘Precious Lord, Take My Hand’ before introducing Common and John Legend singing their Oscar nominated song ‘Glory’. Bey looked gorgeous (as usual) and sang her heart out (as usual).

Annie Lennox Brings the House Down

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than Annie Lennox giving a red carpet reporter the stink eye after being asked if she read 50 Shades of Grey (I think not), the powerhouse singer appeared on stage during Hozier’s performance to sing ‘I Put A Spell on You’. And it was so so good.

Sam Smith Performs with Mary J. Blige

The big winner of the night (walking away with 4 gramophone trophies) Sam Smith performed his hit ‘Stay With Me’ with Mary J. to the delight of pretty much everyone. Smith went on to win Record of the Year when he thanked the man who broke his heart: ‘You got me 4 Grammys!’

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