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20 Pro Athletes to Follow on Instagram

By: Bianca Teixeira|April 16, 2015



DeMarcus Cousins

Name: @boogiecousins

Followers: 588K

Sport: Basketball (Sacramento Kings)

What You’ll Find: Family photos, beautiful women (including Rihanna) and team practices.

Dwyane Wade

Name: @dwyanewade

Followers: 4.1M

Sport: Basketball (Miami Heat)

What You’ll Find: His stunning wife Gabrielle Union, court-side shots and selfies.

Floyd Mayweather

Name: @floydmayweather

Followers: 5.3M

Sport: Boxing

What You’ll Find: Piles of cash, sweet cars and boxer abs.

Henrik Lundqvist

Name: @hank30nyr

Followers: 289K

Sport: Hockey (New York Rangers)

What You’ll Find: Beautifully designed goalie helmets, amazing suits and that winning smile.

LeBron James

Name: @kingjames

Followers: 9.4M

Sport: Basketball (Cleveland Cavaliers)

What You’ll Find: The best sneakers you’ve ever seen, cool events and celeb buddies like Amy Schumer.

Rory McIlroy

Name: @rorymcilroy

Followers: 462K

Sport: Golf

What You’ll Find: His most excellent swing, celeb friends and childhood golf games.

Spencer O’Brien

Name: @spencerobrien


Sport: Snowboarding

What You’ll Find:

Stephanie Rice

Name: @itsstephrice

Followers: 91.8K

Sport: Swimming

What You’ll Find: Workouts, selfies and (since she’s a swimmer) a lot of bikini pics.

Adam Jones

Name: @simplyaj10

Followers: 82.6K

Sport: Baseball (Baltimore Oreoles)

What You’ll Find: Food, food and more food. And a few photos of the field and his dog. Then, more food.

Alex Morgan

Name: @alexmorgan13

Followers: 781K

Sport: Soccer (Portland Thorns F.C.)

What You’ll Find: Ladies Night outings, beautiful beaches and impressive leg work.

Carmelo Anthony

Name: @carmeloanthony

Followers: 2.5M

Sport: Basketball (New York Knicks)

What You’ll Find: Inspirational quotes, his son and men he admires (like Bruce Lee).

Colin Kaepernick

Name: @kaepernick7

Followers: 1.3M

Sport: Football (San Francisco 49ers)

What You’ll Find: Shirtlessness, football and inspirational quotes.

Eugenie Bouchard

Name: @geniebouchard

Followers: 394K

Sport: Tennis

What You’ll Find: A killer serve, exciting outings and In-N-Out burgers.

Kelly Slater

Name: @kellyslater

Followers: 1M

Sport: Surfing

What You’ll Find: Unbelievable photos INSIDE waves and the beauty that is Hawaiian scenery.

Kevin Durant

Name: @easymoneysniper

Followers: 4.3M

Sport: Basketball (Oklahoma City Thunder)

What You’ll Find: Suits, shoes and general merriment.


Name: @neymarjr

Followers: 18.5M

Sport: Soccer (FC Barcelona)

What You’ll Find: Impressive juggling skills, selfies and well-dressed children.

Ryan Sheckler

Name: @shecks


Sport: Skateboarding

What You’ll Find: Beaches around the world, tattoos, death-defying tricks and a surprising number of charitable causes.

Travis Gerrits

Name: @travisgerrits

Followers: 4.6K

Sport: Aerial Skiing

What You’ll Find: Snowy mountains, his dog Lulu and, oh yeah, photos of Gerrits flying through the air.

Usain Bolt

Name: @usainbolt

Followers: 1.4M

Sport: Sprinting

What You’ll Find: Training, parties and the odd well-tailored suit.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Name: @cristiano

Followers: 15.4M

Sport: Soccer (Real Madrid C.F.)

What You’ll Find: Team photos, glamour shots and Ronaldo’s son.

Jordan Spieth

Name: @jordanspieth

Followers: 272K

Sport: Golf

What You’ll Find: Golf greens…and lots of them. Also trophies, clubs and Spieth’s girlfriend Annie.

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