Sharp List: Summer 2015

Sure, there might be religious reasons for buying gifts in the wintertime—but those are just excuses. Which is why we insist on celebrating all that’s cool in design, tech, toys, gadgetry, style and more in the summertime, too. Holidays be damned (besides, who says Father’s Day can’t be a spiritual experience?). This Sharp List has all the awesome gear you need to grab summer by the throat and make it stay forever, plus some lush and shiny things to take solace in until the winter shopping season rolls around again. So: let us all raise a refreshing cocktail to this summer’s most crave-worthy stuff.


Emily Ratajkowski Photobook

Long before she made us all bite our collective fist in that ‘Blurred Lines’ video, Emily Ratajkowski travelled to Woodstock, New York in 2012 to work with photographer Jonathan Leder. The shots they took are some of the most striking and raw images of the incredibly photogenic model. Now they can be yours. Apologize to your fist in advance.

Imperial Publishing, $40

Jura Diurach’s Own

‘Diurach’s’ refers to the inhabitants of Jura, Scotland, where they know a thing or two about whiskey. This single malt—aged for 14 years in American oak before being transferred to an ex-Amoroso sherry cask—is easy to sip, leaving dark chocolate, orange and honey on the palate.

Jura Whisky, $90

Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

Too many motorcycle manufacturers try to make absurdly bombastic mid-life crisis machines. The new Scrambler, however, is exactly what a bike is meant to be: fun as hell. It harkens back to the iconic ‘70s model with a steel teardrop tank and machine-finished aluminum covers, while also boasting up-to-date tech like a stylish LCD instrument panel. Did we mention its badass-sounding Termignoni exhaust? Like we said, fun as heck.

Ducati, $10,000

Orley Mosaic Polo

The polo shirt was in danger of being co-opted by the wrong type of collar-popping bro not to long ago. Luckily, the classic shirt survived, thanks to understated examples like this. Completely stylish, with just the right amount of nostalgic charm and a fitted silhouette, Orley’s Italian-made polo serves as the perfect go-to summer piece.

Orley, $475

Canon XC10 4K Camcorder

A 4K video camera for photographers? Or a still camera for videographers? Canon’s XC10 straddles the line between both realms, capable of capturing full HD videos and 12-megapixel photos. With a side grip that rotates 90 degrees forward and back, plus a large rear LCD screen tilts both up and down, it also shoots at awkward angles like nobody’s business. Take this on your next mountain climbing trip.

Canon, $2,500

Conair Lithium-Ion Even Cut

While we normally don’t recommend cutting your own hair, we’ll make an exception this time, but only if you’re keeping things especially tight. If that’s your style of choice, use the Even Cut. Its circular blades and palm-of-your-hand design take the patchy, ‘Am I holding this right?’ uncertainty out of the DIY barber experience. Plus, its lithium-ion tech means it won’t fail while you’re mid-buzz.

Conair, $110

Samsung NX500

You want great quality photos of your vacation, but face it: lugging around a clunky DSLR while you trek to Machu Picchu is a pain. Samsung’s NX500 fits right in your jacket pocket, while still packing serious horsepower under the hood: a 28-megapixel ASP-C sensor, a hyper-fast DRIMe V image processor, autofocus, 4K video recording and most of the bells and whistles pro DSLR users rave about.

Samsung, $800

Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit

Just because you travel doesn’t mean you should sacrifice well-crafted negronis for airplane drink cart rum-and-cokes. This handsome leather kit includes nine empty bottles, a mixing spoon and 15 cocktail recipes from the world’s best bartenders.

Stephen Kenn, $275

Poppy Pour-Over Coffee Machine

Not only does this smart coffee machine grind, filter and pour a grade-A cup at the push of a button, it also monitors your bean stocks and orders refills directly to your door. That, and it looks good enough to leave out on the counter (sorry, Mr. Coffee).

Poppy Home, $TBA

Urban Cultivator

Eat locally, they say. It doesn’t get much more local than your own kitchen. While it might look like the perfect place to start your own grow-op, in fact it’s perfect for cultivating the freshest vegetables, herbs and micro-greens possible, any time you damn well feel like it.

Urban Cultivator, $2,500

Overgaard & Dyrman Wire Dining Chair

Tradition and technology both have a place in your dining room. This chair, inspired by old-world saddle making and modern metal work, combines both. It features vegetable-tanned leather upholstery and a brushed steel vertebrae. Part Wild West, part Cybertron. Fully ergonomic.

OANDD, $2,820

Stellavie Director Portraits

These portraits, hand drawn by artist Julian Retzsch, fuse the faces of iconic filmmakers with memorable scenes from their films. Choose from Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch. Sorry Michael Bay, maybe next time.

Stellavie, $90

Zuma Short Surfboard

We Canadians are no authorities on surfing. Get a board made by a Californian. Conceived by Kelly Wearstler, the grand dame of West Coast design, it features a jigsaw of Walnut, Koa, Ash, White Oak and other rich woods.

Kelly Wearstler, $9,500

Le Cord Textile Cables

What have your boring, white charging cables done for you lately? Not only do these finely crafted, wood and leather cables look damn cool, they won’t crap out on you after you wind them around your phone a few times.

Le Cord, $72

Seora Lounger

Award-winning architect Anthony Logothetis has taken the hammock, that Caribbean totem of laziness, and fused it with elements of the American armchair and the chaise lounge. Birch plywood beams prevent your back from slouching, relieving back strain, while still offering the perfect place to read your next Grisham.

Seora Design, $4,390

ECCO Gary Boot

Plain-toed, flexible and versatile, this chukka is as simple as it is simply awesome. The breathable leather uppers and direct-injected sole make for a polished yet rugged boot that will take you from the city to cottage country and back again with ease.

ECCO, $195

Indigo Ombre Rope Dog Leash

Your best friend deserves the best of everything. This princely leash, made of marine-grade rope, was hand-spliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull. Admit it, you let your dog pull on the leash. Because you love the son of a bitch.

Found My Animal, $62

J.M.M. Fontainebleau Sunglasses

Matte black finish and sterling silver hardware mixed with gunmetal. We like the sounds of that on just about anything, let alone a pair of shades. Get behind these blue, multi-layer flash mirror lenses to protect you from the sun’s exacting rays.

Jaques Marie Mage, $580

Michael Kors Bennett Pebbled-Leather Duffel

Distinctive. Understated. Normally those two terms are mutually exclusive, but they coalesce in perfect synchronicity in the Bennet. This classic carry-all boasts pebbled-leather craftsmanship and rugged rope-trimmed handles. Your perfect companion to haul all over the world.

Michael Kors, $700

OGA Alvang Glasses

The new Alvang line of glasses may look retro, but there’s a lot of modern technology under the hood, so to speak. The frames are made of hollow stainless-steel tubes, which give strength and ensure lightness, while the hinges forgo screws for increased durability and flexibility.

Morel-France, $270

Persol Typewriter Sunglasses

Authors used to express their creativity via cast iron keys instead of touchscreens. In tribute to that Golden Era of writing, Persol has designed this pair of intricately detailed, vintage-looking shades. Wear them and channel Hunter S. Thomson’s eccentricity—or at least his love of whiskey.

Persol, $360

Prospekt Supply Pullover Windbreaker

A grown man has no business in a poncho. A pullover windbreaker, however, lets you weather the fiercest of summer storms without compromising your style.

Prospekt Supply, $350

Tissot Quickster Lugano

Add colour to your wrist—while working on your impressive tan line—with the Quickster Lugano watch by Tissot. The nautical-inspired NATO strap is easily removable so you can match the classic face with whatever you’re wearing on the weekend.

Tissot, $525

DM Outdoor Speaker

Sure, at first glance, the Om looks like a trash bin (albeit, a really nice-looking one). But in actuality, this thing can blanket your entire backyard in majestic, omnidirectional sound. The cylindrical outdoor speaker pairs with your devices via Bluetooth 3.0 and provides ample LED lighting. It’s also powered by solar panels and can withstand a summer squall.

OM Sound System, $1,950

The Copenhagen Wheel

Maybe sometimes you do need to reinvent the wheel. Case in point: this motorized rear wheel that turns your bike into a smart electric hybrid. It learns how you pedal and integrates smoothly with your motion, multiplying your regular torque by 3x to 10x, all the better for biking uphill.

Super Pedestrian, $700

The Wire: The Complete Series

Omar’s coming yo! Re-watch the best drama in TV history (settle down Soprano lovers, you had your run) on Blu-ray for the first time ever with the complete series box set.

Amazon, $135

Grand Marnier Cuvee Louis Alexandre

Mix an Old Fashion in a slightly new-fashioned way with Grand Marnier’s new 82 per cent cognac liquor (the original Grand Marnier contains 51 per cent cognac). This new cuvee pays homage to the label’s creator, Louis-Alexandre who liked a splash of cognac in his Grand Marnier. We’re betting you’ll like it, too.

Grand Marnier, $70