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The Best of A Woman You Should Meet: Sports Edition

By: Bianca Teixeira|August 7, 2015



Anna Sidorova

Sport: Curling

If you thought curling was just a bunch of balding men pushing a few rocks around, then you’ve been sorely mistaken. And now that this 24-year-old Russian is competing, not only will we be watching the women’s event, we’ll be taping it. The sport has never looked so good.

Arianny Celeste

Sport: UFC (Ring Girl)

‘You really have to put yourself out there and be on top of your game every day, not just on-site days. I practically live in a bikini. If I get called tomorrow into a photoshoot, I need to be in tip-top shape.I’ve proven my part in the UFC and done my thing and I’m very proud where I am now.’

Caroline Wozniacki

Sport: Tennis

You might be watching the beautiful, blonde Wozniacki compete for her country in next year’s Rio Olympics. This Danish cutie reminds us of Taylor Swift. But hotter. And smarter. And with talent.

Jackie Redmond

Sport:(s) Reporter

‘Sports have always been something I’ve been passionate about. I played a lot of sports when I was younger and always knew I wanted to do something that kept me close. I get to watch sports for a living and even my worst day is not a bad day.’

Kat Kelley

Sport: MMA Ring Girl

Kat’s an MMA ring girl, which means she automatically knows more about combat than we do. We wanted to know who would win: her or us: ‘Uh, definitely me. I’m a little bit feisty, not going to lie.’ We forfeit.

Mellisa Hollingsworth

Sport: Skeleton

Let’s be honest, this event is insane. The athletes (more like daredevils) barrel down an ice chute head first, protected by little more than a tiny helmet and a thin synthetic panel. Yet something about watching Hollingsworth do it makes us love her for it.

Nadine Dumas

Sport: Fitness

‘I would see people preparing for fitness competitions and it really intrigued me. So I attended one as a spectator and thought, ‘You know what? I can do this.’ Six months later, I got up on stage and I competed.’

Nina Pizans

Sport: Cheerleading

‘I’ve been dancing ever since I was four. I started with a mix of ballet, tap, jazz and as I grew up I knew it was what I wanted to do as a career. I love being with the Raptors organization right now, it’s really fulfilling.’

Sophie Horn

Sport: Golf

Besides winning an under-21 title at the age of 15, Sophie Horn decided to use the broadcasting world to apply her passion for golf. Horn has grabbed the spotlight as ‘The Golf Nurse’ for Golf Punk Magazine and co-host on Setanta Sports’ ‘Show Me The Golf.’

Tessa Virtue

Sport: Figure Skating

The Canadian starlet and her partner Scott Moir won the couples ice dancing event back in 2010, and in 2009 they became the first team ever to record a perfect score in the current judging system. In case the picture didn’t give it away, Virtue also holds the honour of being the most Googled Female Canadian Olympian.

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