Johnny Cash’s Thunderball, And Other Rejected James Bond Theme Songs

They can’t all be Shirley Bassey. For every iconic Bond theme singer, there’s another who was denied the chance to hear their song played over dancing-naked-lady-silhouettes. Here are our favourite (real) rejected 007 songs.

“Thunderball” – Johnny Cash (1965)

The producers felt this one was too Rawhide cowboy chaps for a Bond flick. Go figure.

“The Man with the Golden Gun” – Alice Cooper (1974)

A wonky slab of barroom rock, with some brass thrown in to Bond-ify it. Good on 007 for escaping this fate.

“The Juvenile” – Ace of Base (1995)

The Swedish pop band’s producers decided a song for GoldenEye was beneath them. Today, all that they want is another paycheque.

“Tomorrow Never Lies” – Pulp (1997)

Jarvis Cocker was certainly British enough to belt a Bond theme, but the studio felt this tune was too self-aware for a film full of incredulous stunts.

“Quantum of Solace” – Amy Winehouse (2008)

Winehouse apparently hated the chords the studio asked her to sing over. Still, when she heard the Jack White and Alicia Keys version, she claimed hers was better. It probably was.