This Custom-Built Coffee Table is an Audiophile’s Dream

We’re fully on board with the vinyl revival that’s taking place. From both aural and aesthetic standpoints, it’s far more soulful and satisfying an experience to listen to a glossy platter whirling away on a turntable than a digitally-compressed file stashed somewhere in the cloud.

But going the old-school route does have its downsides. Having to get up intermittently to flip or switch the record can be a real pain, especially when you’re entertaining guests. That’s where this beautiful table from Atocha Design comes in. Made in New York from Italian Bolivar veneer with a sturdy steel base, it’s designed to house a record player, amplifier and 120 LPs, along with a solid brass inset that’s just the right size for a bottle of wine or whiskey. And just like that, everything your party needs is accessible from the comfort of your couch.