This Midcentury Chaise Lounge Will Make Your Living Room Instantly Sexier

Doesn’t matter where you are — could be your bedroom, your car, your dentist’s office — if you put a Marvin Gaye record on, the vibe in the room immediately shifts. Everything suddenly feels a little looser, a little headier, a little sexier, right? Well, consider this chaise lounge the Let’s Get It On of furniture.


Dubbed the “PK24,” it was originally designed in 1965 by Danish icon Poul Kjærholm. The chair’s scintillating curvature and daring engineering — its main elements are held together by gravity and friction alone — make it the attention-grabbing nucleus of any space you place it in.


Upholstered in sumptuous white leather and set upon a brushed stainless steel frame, it’s the kind of worthy investment piece that’ll never lose its lustre or desirability no matter how long you own it. Pick one up over at The Line.


Images: The Line