This $15,000 Working Hoverboard Can Fly Over Water

Back in December, New Mexico-based aerospace company Arca unveiled the ArcaBoard, a working hoverboard that uses 36 high power electric ducted fans to achieve flight. With a top speed of 12.5 mph, it’s able to float about a foot over any terrain, including water.

The downsides? It looks like a gargantuan Lego block, can only fly for six minutes at a time, and takes six hours to fully charge. But, hey, cell phones once looked like this, so there’s no telling how future iterations of the ArcaBoard might turn out.


If you’re interested in owning the OG version, though, Arca announced today that the boards are now available for preorder. They cost a hefty $14,900 USD, and the first orders will start shipping in April.


Sure, you might not look this cool while riding one:

But it won’t make you look this stupid, either: