Wendy Williams’ 5 Most Repulsive Moments

Wendy Williams has built a career on pissing people off. The brassy talk-show host has a knack for expressing opinions that are at the best of times out-of-date and at the worst downright ignorant. But lately, it feels like she’s taken her shock-jock schtick to an entirely new level of vulgarity.

Yesterday, Williams went on a facepalm-inducing rant about singer Ke$ha’s sexual assault allegations against producer Dr. Luke. But that’s only a drop in the bucket when it comes to the despicable vitriol she’s been spewing lately. We took the liberty of pairing five of her most infuriating recent comments with the GIFs that best embody our reactions.

1. Wendy Williams v. Ke$ha

Williams apparently thinks women should record all forms of sexual assault as they happen. Because, obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when you’re being attacked is, “I gotta get this on camera!”

2. Wendy Williams v. Ronda Rousey

The talk show host compared Rousey’s Sports Illustrated cover to “a girl swimming in your pool in Jersey” and listed head-to-toe everything that’s wrong with a woman who could literally kick Williams’ ass with both hands tied behind her back.

3. Wendy Williams v. Alyssa Milano

Despite being a mother herself, Williams is disgusted by breastfeeding and thinks it should be kept in the privacy of our own homes under a blanket of shame.

4. Wendy Williams v. Ariana Grande

Williams came under fire for her criticism of Grande’s body and youthful appearance saying that she was a little girl with “big googly eyes.” Um, okay.

5. Wendy Williams v. Caitlin Jenner

Back before Caitlin’s full transition, when rumours of Kylie and Tyga were new and fresh, Wendy screeched to her audience that Jenner’s youngest daughter was a bigger issue than “becoming Belinda.”