This Rotating Coffee Table Will (Silently) Fulfill Your DJ Dreams

You’ve wanted to own a turntable since college. Only problem is, your wife isn’t thrilled by the idea of you spending thousands of dollars on audio equipment and records, spending all day fiddling with the controls, and having to hear you wail along to that original vinyl copy of Born to Run you found on eBay.

Here’s your compromise: it’s a turning table. Conceived by Theresa Arns for the Scandinavian design collective Menu, this unique wooden coffee table, accented with bold hits of copper and brass, will look even better in your living room than that Springsteen record would sound.


The turning aspect comes into play when you need to open its lid. Rotate the top plate (feel free to make scratching noises as you do) to access the table’s built-in storage. You’ll find a roomy spot for magazines, remotes or your favourite albums. And a quick swivel of the lid covers it up again.


Images: TRNK NYC