The Super Wealthy Are Leaving the Merely Wealthy Behind: Here’s Today’s Top Stories

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. The Haves vs. the Have-Mores

“The wealthy now have a wealth gap of their own, as economic gains become more highly concentrated at the very top. As the top one-hundredth of the 1 percent pulls away from the rest of that group, the superrich are leaving the merely very rich behind. That has created two markets in the upper reaches of the economy: one for the haves and one for the have-mores.

“Whether the product is yachts, diamonds, art, wine or even handbags, the strongest growth and biggest profits are now coming from billionaires and nine-figure millionaires, rather than mere millionaires.”

+1: The wealthy live longer, everywhere.

2. This woman can’t remember her past or imagine her future

“Susie McKinnon knows plenty of facts about her life, but she lacks the ability to mentally relive any of it, the way you or I might meander back in our minds and evoke a particular afternoon. She has no episodic memories—none of those impressionistic recollections that feel a bit like scenes from a movie, always filmed from your perspective. To switch metaphors: Think of memory as a favourite book with pages that you return to again and again. Now imagine having access only to the index, or the Wikipedia entry.”

3. Trump could be the weakest GOP candidate, ever

“Trump’s 37 percent of the cumulative primary vote and 46 percent of delegates won so far may sound impressive, but his percentages make him the weakest Republican front-runner, at this point in the process, in decades.”

+1: The White House’s permanent staff is, uhm, a little nervous about President Trump.

+1: Two of Donald Trump’s kids won’t be able to vote for him in next week’s New York primary. They missed the registrations deadline.

4. Exposing Assad’s war crimes

These top-secret documents link Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to mass torture and murder. The New Yorker profiles  the independent organization at the heart of the covert operation to expose Assad’s war crimes.

5. Chinese scientists just genetically modified a human embryo, again

Scientists were able to introduce a naturally-occurring genetic mutation into the embryos. The mutation, which only took in four of the 26 embryos, modifies an immune-cell gene and makes humans that carry it resistant to HIV.

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