Average GTA Home Price Up Over $100,000 Since Last Year: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading:

1. How Canada became the world’s economic Rorschach test

“The idea that Canada has the fix for what ails the world economy — this time, with debt-fuelled stimulus spending — has proven enduringly enticing over the years.”

2. The average Toronto home cost $739,082 last month

This represents at 16.2% increase for home sales since April 2015. The increase “reflects a demand for higher priced properties due to price growth generally and homeowners moving up from semis or smaller detached homes looking to take advantage of lower mortgage rates,” the Toronto Star writes.

3. Turkish Prime Minister resigns as President gathers power

“Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, a pivotal ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced his resignation on Thursday, exposing a rift between the two men over Mr. Erdogan’s drive for more power,” the New York Times writes. The prime minister has traditionally been Turkey’s highest political officer, though that has not been so after Erdogan, a former prime minister himself, was elected in 2014.

The resignation is seen to underscore Turkey’s shift towards authoritarian rule, which the conservative Erdogan has largely orchestrated.

4. Insert Les Mis joke here

An Italian court has just ruled that stealing food is not a crime if you are poor and hungry. “The Supreme Court of Cassation overruled a theft conviction against Roman Ostriakov, a homeless Ukrainian, who stole cheese and sausages worth €4.07 ($4.50) in 2011,”  Quartz reported. To the judges presiding over the case, one Italian commentator wrote, “the right to survival has prevailed over the right to property.”

+1: How bad are things in Venezuela right now? Six soldiers were arrested over the weekend for stealing goats in order to feed themselves.

5. This guy gave himself a DIY fecal transplant — and lived to shit about it

“Zayner unwrapped a brand-new syringe and filled its barrel with the brownish liquid. He grabbed one half of a gelatin capsule, pushed the syringe’s plunger, and filled the capsule with the fecal slurry in inconsistent spurts.” You should read this story, but probably after you eat your dinner.