Race Against Time: 5 Auto-Inspired Luxury Watches

Watches and cars were meant for each other. What is the point of going fast, after all, if you have no means by which to measure just how fast you’re going? Both cars and watches are technological marvels — precise, complicated feats of engineering on two different scales. Not to mention they’re both unavoidable status symbols, too.

But, when watchmakers partner with automotive brands, the stakes are raised immeasurably. These are watches that strive to capture the speed, seduction, and unbridled majesty of some of our favourite cars. They might actually make it feel like time itself is going faster.


(L-R) Capeland Cobra 10281 ($5,790) by Baume & Mercier; Audio Sport Limited Edition ($4,795) by Oris.


(L-R) Jaguar MKIII ($5,275) by Bremont; Superfast Porsche Motorsport 919 ($19,240) by Chopard; Bentley B04 Diamondworks ($31,060) by Breitling

Photography: Adrian Armstrong
Styling: Joanne Jin