UK’s Next Prime Minister: Brexit Means Brexit. Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading:

1. Meet the new boss

“Home Secretary Theresa May will succeed David Cameron as U.K. prime minister on Wednesday after her only challenger for the role dropped out, giving her the task of steering the country out of the European Union.”

+1: Watch David Cameron resign, hum into his hot mic.

2. Trudeau government might reopen prison farms closed in 2010

“The 2010 closure of the country’s prison farms by the then-Conservative government — six in total operating at institutions in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta — was highly controversial.

“Opponents argued the decision was made without properly considering the essential skills the farms taught the participating inmates. There was also criticism that local community members had not been adequately consulted.

“The Liberal government is now studying the possibility of reopening the farms — starting with two in the Kingston area, and is asking Canadians to weigh in on the issue through an online survey.”

3. With America in crisis, Trump strains to project leadership

“The episode was a kind of experiment in how Mr. Trump, under certain circumstances, can be sculpted into something resembling a conventional presidential candidate. Yet it also highlighted just how limited Mr. Trump has proved in the general election — a figure so volatile and hard-line that simply speaking in public can be a risk.”

+1: How Bernie Sanders lost the black vote.

4. The world is horrible, and the stock market loves it

“Congratulations, everything is terrible. In the wake of an awful week of news in the US, the US stock market has powered forward, reaching a level that — if it holds until the close of trading today (July 11) — would be a new all-time high for the S&P 500 index.”

+1: Many Americans want work, they just don’t want to mow lawns.

5. The life hacks of the poor and aimless

Late capitalism is like your love life: it looks a lot less bleak through an Instagram filter. The slow collapse of the social contract is the backdrop for a modern mania for clean eating, healthy living, personal productivity, and “radical self-love”—the insistence that, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we can achieve a meaningful existence by maintaining a positive outlook, following our bliss, and doing a few hamstring stretches as the planet burns.”