Almost a Quarter of Calgary Skyscrapers Are Vacant: Here’s What’s Happening Today

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Here’s what we’re reading:

1. Stampeding out of town

“Near-empty skyscrapers and rising vacancy rates are pressuring landlords to offer big incentives – such as a year of free rent or money for renovations – to keep a shrinking number of tenants in their downtown Calgary towers.”

2. Eat, pay, love

“A new app lets women charge for a night out. Will dating join the on-demand economy?”

3. What if cameras stopped telling the truth?

“New technology to block photography at concerts hints at an alarming future for smartphones.”

4. For whites sensing decline, Donald Trump unleashes words of resistance

“The resentment among whites feels both old and distinctly of this moment. It is shaped by the reality of demographic change, by a decade and a half of war in the Middle East, and by unease with the newly confident and confrontational activism of young blacks furious over police violence. It is mingled with patriotism, pride, fear and a sense that an America without them at its center is not really America anymore.”

5. McDonaldization and the Future of Fast Food

“50 percent of the total amount of money Americans spend is on food and going out to eat, which would never have been the case even thirty years ago. That means you don’t have to go shopping, you don’t have to prepare food. You don’t have to eat with other people. You don’t have to clean up afterwards. You just eat, gulp, and go.”