Jose Bautista’s New Canada Goose Jacket Is An Absolute Dinger

Some things to know about Jose Bautista: Dude can hit dingers, he can take a walk, and he sure-as-shit can design a bomb-ass jacket. Today he’s launching one such piece, a new limited edition collaboration with Canada Goose. And, well, it’s a real home run.

The jacket is a lightweight performance piece designed specifically for Jose’s active lifestyle. “The level of weight and protection, it provides versatility, which was the main thing on my mind during the design process,” Jose said before last night’s launch event at Harry Rosen in Toronto.

Jose Bautista Canada Goose

“Being able to go to different environments or events where you’re wearing different stuff underneath or in the outer shell and not having to change every single time. If you look at the jacket you probably get the sense that you can dress up and down with it. It’s a very convenient piece I feel like.”

Just how convenient is this piece? It even folds up into its own travel pillow — making it “the perfect companion for global travellers,” the company says. Sure.


Bautista said he’s been following the brand since 2009, his first spring in Toronto, and told us how excited he is to be working with such an huge name in Canadian fashion.

“It’s obviously a great, humbling opportunity for me, something that I’m very proud of. That an iconic Canadian brand that’s this successful in the luxury space is willing to work with me, let alone have a collaboration jacket. It’s something that I’m definitely excited about.”

Fans around the league often bristle at his perceived cockiness, but Jose credits that self-confidence with propelling him to this level.

“When you believe in yourself and continue to work hard and figure it out, when you get the right opportunity and the right people around you that make you better, give you the confidence and the trust – I think great things can happen to you and I think I’m an example of that.”

Marcus Stroman, who at the end of our interview bounded into the room to congratulate Jose, is maybe one of those people, and another Blue Jay with a serious love for menswear.

I asked Jose who on the team had the worst style, and, like a true teammate, he demurred a little before playfully calling out first baseman Justin Smoak.

“Everybody kind of adjusts to where you’re living and where you’re at and the style of your surroundings,” Bautista said. “With the exception of Justin Smoak. I mean, he’s from South Carolina and he dresses like he’s in South Carolina.  There’s nothing wrong with that — he just sticks out from the group, that’s the only thing.”

They’re only making 190 of these things — a little personal touch, because, you know, dude wears number 19— so move fast if you’re down. Each one comes with a custom label numbered 1-190, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Canada Goose Jose Bautista
Available now online at and in-store at Harry Rosen in Toronto.