This Heavyweight Blazer Is Made From Military Blanket Fabric

The thing about blazers — at least the ill-fitting, gold-buttoned navy hopsack ones your mom used to make you wear to dinner parties — is that they always seemed kinda flimsy. You play a little basketball in the backyard after dessert, and next thing you know the shoulder seam bursts open right as you’re going up for a sick reverse layup. Oof. Game over. And then when autumn sets in and it’s cold out at night and you forget your coat? That blazer ain’t gonna do jack — the chill seeps all the way into your bones.

Thankfully, none of those problems will flare up when you’re wearing this handsome, heavy-duty blazer from Wilson & Willy’s.


Constructed from hefty US Military blanket wool with a soft, comfortable flannel twill lining, it combines the sharp tailoring of a sport jacket with the hardiness of your favourite peacoat. You’ll be able to rock this joint as a top layer well into winter, and we’re more than certain it’ll stand up to an afterwork pick-up game or two.

Images: Wilson & Willy’s