Colombia and the FARC Are About to Sign Another Peace Deal: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today:

1. Colombia and the FARC have another peace deal, and this one’s not being left up to a referendum

“Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos and representatives from FARC have hammered out another peace deal to replace one that was rejected through a plebiscite Oct. 2. This time, they’re not asking the Colombian people to weigh in directly.

“The negotiating parties are set to sign the new agreement to end the country’s 52-year civil war on Nov. 24. It will then go straight to congress for approval.”


2. What’s at stake for Canada in Trump’s new NAFTA

“Canada and Mexico say they are ready and willing to reopen NAFTA – if that’s what Donald Trump wants. Are they happy about it? Most definitely not.”

Globe and Mail

3. This $100 billion Chinese-made city near Singapore ‘scares the hell out of everybody’

“While Chinese home buyers have sent prices soaring from Vancouver to Sydney, in this corner of Southeast Asia it’s China’s developers that are swamping the market, pushing prices lower with a glut of hundreds of thousands of new homes. They’re betting that the city of Johor Bahru, bordering Singapore, will eventually become the next Shenzhen.”


4. UK to censor online videos of ‘non-conventional’ sex acts

“Web users in the UK will be banned from accessing websites portraying a range of non-conventional sexual acts, under a little discussed clause to a government bill currently going through parliament.

“The proposal, part of the digital economy bill, would force internet service providers to block sites hosting content that would not be certified for commercial DVD sale.”

The Guardian

5. How to talk to someone you absolutely hate

“Prep for when things get ugly at the dinner table this season.”