Toronto’s Raccoons Are Somehow Really Cute in This Footage From ‘Planet Earth II’

Move over, Drake. You are no longer the 6ix’s international claim to fame.

Toronto’s very own adorable, trouble-making trash pandas are featured in the “Cities” episode of Planet Earth II. Rather than shooting a gaggle of raccoons (actually called a “gaze” of raccoons) performing the daily activity with which Torontonians associate them most — breaking into compost bins and leaving trash strewn everywhere, of course — the clip is actually pretty endearing. A mother raccoon is forced to move her babies to a spot on the ground that’s safer than the chimney they’ve been living in thus far.

Watch her carry a tiny ball of floof down a brick wall while said floof cries in terror. And then go ahead and try to maintain that you hate raccoons and they’re the worst part of the city.

You monster.