I’ve Never Gone Hunting Before. Am I a Poseur for Wanting This Japanese Flannel Hunting Shirt?

I’ve never gone hunting before. I like the idea of it — sitting in a tree with a crossbow, in particular, sounds like a pretty cool, Battle-of-Endor-esque time — but I’ve never been. So am I a total poseur, then, for really, really, really wanting this 3sixteen Hunting Shirt?


I hope not, because this thing makes my heart melt even more than that scene in Say Anything… when Lloyd points out the broken glass in the 7-Eleven parking lot. (Ahhh, young John Cusack. What a dreamboat.) It’s tailored from textured Japanese cotton flannel in an endlessly versatile shade of heather grey, and comes correct with custom metal buttons, a crazy trill hunting cape that covers the front pockets, and a square hem.

Seriously, like, if the only way for me to own this shirt with a clear conscience is to head out into the woods with a rifle and sit in the freezing cold for 12 hours, I will do that. Just let me know the time and place, and I’ll be there.

Images: 3sixteen