This Weatherproof Blazer Will Class Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Sometimes, we Canadians let winter get the best of us. We use the biting windchill and the sloshy sidewalks and the pelting hail as an excuse to just give up on dressing ourselves with any semblance of care or thought, and retreat into the comforting embrace of a dumpy parka and well-worn sweatpants. And to that I say: NO MORE!

It’s time to fight back, time to put in that little bit of extra effort to look and feel your best in the face of dire environmental conditions. That battle begins here, with this stellar quilted blazer from Apolis.


Tailored in a classic three-button silhouette from a three-layer, membraned wool fabric milled in Italy, the fully waterproof jacket is warm enough to stand up to frigid temps but still breathable enough to keep on indoors. Pair it with an oxford button-down and your favourite tie, and you’ll be right back in the sartorial game while staying toasty as ever. Take your L and go home, winter.


Images: Apolis